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Many top restaurants in Helsinki are closed during the whole month of July,
some for even longer. If you are  planning a "foodie  vacation" in Helsinki during
the summer, July is probably not the best  time to do it. July, which usually is
the warmest summer month, is "vacation month" in Finland. Most Finns  start
their vacation around the  21st-24th of June,  when "Midsummer Eve", a huge
holiday in Finland,  is celebrated. Check in advance. 

Our revisit to this old, and very expensive, establishment years overdue, but a happy one. Savoy has been known as a quality eatery since it opened in 1937. Many top Finnish chefs have worked their magic in its kitchen over the years. The decor was designed by, among others, Alvar Aalto, the famous Finnish architect. (See "history" on the Savoy home page.)

While I appreciate the genuine historic interior, for me the charm of Savoy is sitting on the summer terrace, overlooking the Esplanade Park, over its treetops and toward the beautiful, newly restored buildings along the Northern Esplanade and the beautiful glistening white Dome a little further away.

The service was professional and friendly and much less self important than it had been years ago when we dined there last. The food is world class. The nice house champagne, Gosset, set the mood. The amuse bouche just melted in our mouths.

Our appetizer, a langoustine ravioli with lobster and vegetable ragoût absolutely delicious. Our friend also enjoyed hers, a beef carpaccio.

For our main courses my husband and our friend had grilled sea trout, sauté of new potatoes and chanterelles, smoked roe and sauce Rémoulade . They loved it.

The restaurant was very accommodating about substituting some ingredients. They were more than happy to let me have the before mentioned main course with fried fillets of Finnish perch (which I love in the summer - and cannot get in New York, sigh!) instead of the grilled sea trout. Delicious.

The Tahiti vanilla soufflé, marbled cherry ice-cream and compote of cherries flavored with hops, was good but not exciting. With the food we shared a bottle of Volnay, 1989, Camille Giroud.

Address: Eteläesplanadi 14, 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9 - 6128 5300

RESTAURANT SAVOY, summer 2010. Click to enlarge. Delicious_lobster_at_Restaurant_Savoy_Helsinki Delicious lobster at RESTAURANT SAVOY, summer 2010. Joyous re-visit: We found delicious food and very friendly & professional service. Cannot wait to go back to Savoy.

The best herring plate I have had, ever. Enjoyed at RESTAURANT SAVOY, summer 2010. Herring_plate_Restaurant_Savoy_Helsinki I would go back just for this. Click to enlarge.

"Simple" food focusing on fresh ingredients.
Lots of small bites, plus main courses.
Cozy space, aiming at an international, relaxed atmosphere.
Wines from both small and big producers.
Instantly popular, and voted one of the best restuarants in Finland.

On the website, scroll down for image gallery and for a google location map.

Address: Tehtaankatu 27-29 (entry via courtyard), 00150 Helsinki
Phone: -  050 - 467 3400

From the owners of Demo, a new, casual restaurant serving simple but delicious food.

Chefs/owners: Tommi Tuominen & Teemu Aura Grotesk received a Bib Gourmand mention in the 2010 Michelin Guide.

Address: Ludviginkatu 8-10, 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9 10 470 2100
Email: myyntipalvelu at grotesk.fi
NY Times review of Grotesk.

Helsingin Sanomat review (the "NY Times of Helsinki") of Grotesk


is an exciting restaurant, owned by two  seasoned restaurant professionals: Pekka Terävä (chef de cuisine) & Petri Lukkarinen (restaurant manager), are both well respected in Finnish restaurant/foodie circles.

Chef Terävä has an impressive resume, including: Havis Amanda, Alexander Nevski, Palacen Ranta, G.W. Sundmans, Klippan & Linna. Seems like he has worked in most of our favorite places in Helsinki.

Restaurant Olo offers cuisine that is based on modern Nordic cooking; clean lines & fresh, seasonal ingredients. The emphasis is on high quality, delicious but non fussy dining, in a relaxed atmosphere.

There is also a bar, a wine room, and a seasonal patio.

The restaurant is open for dinner and lunch.
OLO recieved one Michelin star - again - in 2013

Address: Kasarmikatu 44, 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9 665 565

"Olo" = "being" or "feeling" in Finnish, depending on the context. Philosophically speaking it conveys the idea of a state of existential being.

Quite delicious filled tomato appetizer at Postres, Helsinki. The restaurant closed in Helsinki in 2014 and "re"-opened as a cafe in the historic part of Porvoo. If you go there, check it out.Postres chilled filled tomato appetizer dish. We went back for more.
Click for larger image.

Delicious fish at Restaurant Postres.
Delicious fish at Restaurant Postres, Helsinki Click to see larger image.

is an ambitious, small place and was popular tvery popular from the start, in 2003. We have been told that the food is very good, fresh and, for the quality and level of cooking, very reasonably priced. Reservations highly recommended weeks in advance. The menu changes daily. We hear Demo offers the best "bang for the buck" in quality food Helsinki right now.
Demo recieved one Michelin star - again - in 2013.
Chef Owners: Tommi Tuominen & Teemu Aura, who opened the more casual restaurant Grotesk in Nov. 2007.

Phone: (358)- (0)9 2289 0840
Address: Uudenmaankatu 9-11,  00120 Helsinki
Email: demo at restaurantdemo.fi


Located in the beautiful, historic Ullanlinna neighborhood, Chef & Sommelier has been a hit from the start, for good reason. Their focus is on food made from scratch, with fresh, local & organic ingredients and terrific service, where also the chefs serve the food. There is a good vibe here. Fully vegetarian dishes available with advance notice.

Even the Finnish Gastronomic Society took notice and named Chef & Sommelier the restaurant of 2013.

Address: Huvilakatu 28, 00150 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- 400- 959-440
Email: hello@chefetsommelier.fi
Open Tue-Sat from 6 pm

ESPLANADE PARK, Restarant Kappeli patio. Click to enlarge: Restaurant Kappeli, Esplanade Park, Helsinki Finland. Bright summer night, beginning of July. Restaurant Kappeli & patio, midnight early July in Helsinki.
More about Restaurant
Kappeli on restaurant page 2.

Southeast-Asian inspired modern cuisine. Farang is the brainchild of two Chez Dominique alumni, Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg, have worked abroad for years, Björck in London & Sydney (Longrain), and Wikberg in Thailand and Australia.

The pastry Chef Susanna Vuori has worked in Paris and in London. 

Farang opened its doors to a very happy public in August 2009 and immediately became one of the favorite restaurants in Helsinki to many a food loving Helsinki resident.

Farang was voted number 1 on the "50 best restaurants in Finland, 2011" - list. Not too shabby!

Address: Ainonkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9 454 4212
Email: info@farang.fi

This is the second "Asian" influenced restaurant by (Tomi Björck & Matti Wikberg) the owners of the super popular Farang, above.

Where Farang serves food inspired by Southeast, Gaijin's cuisine is inspired by Japanese, Korean & Northern Chinese cooking, preparing (and combining) the traditional foods of these countries with a modern twist.

The immense popularity of both these restaurants shows that there is a market for high quality "ethnic" & fusion cuisine from all over the world, and maybe right now especially cuisine from all over Asia.

Address: Bulevardi 6, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9) 698 0101
Email: info at gaijin.fi
Gaijin on fb

At the same street address, from the same owners: BOULEVARD SOCIAL
Address: Bulevardi 6, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- 10 322 9387
Email: info@boulevardsocial.fi
Boulevard Social on fb

Popular place with the cuisine inspired by flavors, scents and colors from Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Greece, etc.

Address: Unioninkatu 18 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358) (0)44 59 222 22
Email: toca@toca.fi
"Italian, Finnish and global tastes."
Review, in Finnish, giving 5 stars to Toca.

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July 2010, old location view from inside Cafe Strindberg onto the restaurant's patio and over Esplanade Park, in the center of Helsinki.
Cafe Strindberg Patio, Helsinki.

is two different restaurants. Downstairs, Cafe Strindberg offers sandwiches, salads, pastries and coffee (espresso, cappuccino, latte etc.). They also serve wine and beer. You take a tray, and move down the line picking up the stuff you want and you pay at the end.

In the summer, you can sit outside and enjoy the Esplanade park and some great people-watching.

Upstairs, Restaurant Strindberg serves pretty good fare at both lunch and dinner. Window seats overlook the Esplanade park. Strindberg has a lounge, with comfortable sofas and chairs, good for late night drinks and conversation, if you do not mind the smoke. You can click here for a second link

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 33, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9 6128 6900

Delicious Shrimp Sandwich at Cafe Strindberg.


"Tony´s Deli is a declaration of love to Italian and Mediterranean food." Nice place.
Address: Bulevardi 7, 00120 Helsinki,
Phone: 020- 7424 268 second link

Seafood starter plate at Seurasaari Restaurant. Click photo. Seurasaari_Island_Restaurant_Helsinki

SPIS is a small restaurant that seats 18 people.
The cuisine is based on the "freshest nordic ingredients". The menu is largely vegetable based, with at least one fish or meat main course.
The wine list focuses on artesanal wines. There are also a selection of fine nordic brews.
Address: Kasarmikatu 26, 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)45 - 305 - 1211
E-mail: info@spis.fi
Spis on fb

PASTIS "Best French restaurant in Finland"
Pastis on fb
Address: Pieni Roobertinkatu 2, 00130 Helsinki Phone: (358)- (0)10 29 28 990
E-mail: varaukset@pastis.fi (for reservations)

From the owners of Muru, a French style Bistro, quite popular from the start. Article


Address:Eteläesplanadi 20, 00130 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- 10 322 9388
E-mail: info@ravintolabronda.fi

"The culinary philosophy of Bronda is based on the best ingredients available and entirely handmade food. Bronda’s dishes heavily reflect Europe and particularly the owners’ favorite countries which are Spain, Italy and France."
" Bronda’s food is based on the flavors of the major European culinary countries around the Mediterranean Sea."
Bronda on fb

Address: Korkeavuorenkatu 45, Helsinki
Phone: (358) -(0)9- 666 116
E-mail: ristorante at gastone.fi

Later visits to Gastone produced less enthusiastic reviews.

ATELJÈ FINNE Is located in a space that used to house a sculptor's, Gunnar Finne's, studio. This is a popular restaurant, that cranks out consistently good food, made out of fresh ingredients. Friendly service, nice atmosphere, fresh fish. Popular for brunch, too. ATELJÈ FINNE is owned by the same talented people, who own Restaurant Kuurna.

Address: Arkadiankatu 14, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: (358)- (0)9- 493 110

Family dining at the now closed George. Click photo to enlarge.


Restaurant Fish Market Helsinki Restaurant Fish Market, 2010. Closed.

Be sure to check out our
SUMMER RESTAURANT - LIST that features restaurants on different islands, just a few minute boat ride from the center area.
Below, just one of these "hidden" Helsinki gems that are worth a visit: Klippan island & Klippan restaurant & bar.
CLICK ON PHOTO for place names and a much larger view:
Klippan island & Klippan restaurant

We have not had a chance to visit these two restaurants, but our agents in Helsinki have enjoyed their dinners at both establishments:

General about Finnish Cuisine and Helsinki Restaurants:

For years, Finland has been one of our top destinations partly because of its excellent and constantly evolving culinary scene, that encompasses not just the Scandinavian way of cooking, but also integrates international flavors and styles.

Every time we travel back to Helsinki, there is something new and exciting going on in the restaurant scene. The culinary know-how and the skill level of many of these chefs is truly impressive and often delights even the most demanding and spoiled patrons.

We live in New York and are spoiled rotten by the abundance of high culinary skills, both in "fancy" and casual restaurants here, but we still find dining in Helsinki restaurants quite enjoyable. And just like everywhere else, of course there are also bad restaurants in Helsinki. But to hear someone bash the culinary skills of all Finnish chefs, based on one or two bad experiences (or based on ignorance), is just plainly silly.

Restaurant Sasso on North Esplanade by the Market Square and South Harbor, Helsinki
Restaurant Sasso on North Esplanade by the Market Square in Helsinki

Remember, in Finland the dates
are marked: day /mo / year.

General about wine pricing in Helsinki Restaurants:
Be aware that Finnish restaurants generally appear to mark-up their wines to a higher degree than comparable American restaurants.

Also good to know: A smoking ban in Finnish restaurants took effect June 1st, 2007.

Website feedback: So many restaurants, so little time! Unfortunately we never have the time
to explore all the splendid restaurants we would like to while in Helsinki. We would love to hear from fellow Helsinki travelers & foodies. Please let us know WHICH RESTAURANTS YOU HAVE ENJOYED IN HELSINKI

Looking at Suomenlinna fortress island shoreline and its old lighthouse. Incredible light blue light of a Nordic midsummer night. View from Särkkä island (=part of Suomenlinna) after delish dinner at Särkänlinna restaurant.
Suomenlinna panorama, midsummer night, Helsinki