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Finnish is considered to be one of the most difficult languages for a non-native speaker to learn, although it is also considered one of the world's most beautiful sounding languages. Below, basic words and terms - English to Finnish - divided by topic. Because Swedish also is spoken in Helsinki, we include some Swedish phrases as well.
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Many top restaurants in Helsinki are closed during the whole month of July,
some for even longer. If you are  planning a "foodie  vacation" in Helsinki during
the summer, July is probably not the best  time to do it. July, which usually is
the warmest summer month, is "vacation month" in Finland. Most Finns  start
their vacation around the  21st-24th of June,  when "Midsummer Eve", a huge
holiday in Finland,  is celebrated. Check in advance. 



Hello = Hei or Moi (both informal) (Swe: Hej)

Hello = Päivää [literally: (Good) Day ] (Swe: God dag)

How are you? = Mitä kuuluu? (informal) (Swe: Hur mår du?)

How are You? = Mitä Teille kuuluu? (formal, or to a group) (Swe: Hur mår Ni?) Note: In Sweden the formal You (Ni) is not used a lot. In Finland it is used more.

I am = Minä olen (Col: Mä olen). You can also leave the "I" ("minä") out and just say = Olen (Swe: Jag är)

You are = Sinä olet (Col: Sä olet) or just = Olet (Swe: Du är)

You are (plural or formal) = Olette (Swe: Ni är )

My name is... = Minun nimeni on ... Col: My name is... = Mun nimeni on ... (Swe: Jag heter..)

What is your name? = Mikä nimesi on? (Swe: Vad heter du?)

Pleased to meet you = Hauska tutustua (Swe: Trevligt att träffas )

Good day = Hyvää Päivää (or simply: Päivää ) (Swe: God dag)

Good evening = Hyvää iltaa (Swe: God kväll)

Good morning = Hyvää huomenta (Swe:God morgon)

Goodbye = Näkemiin [Swe: på återseende (informal: hejdå!)]

Bye (informal/ slang) = heippa/ hei hei / heido moikka / moido!

Do you want to meet (me / us) again?= Haluatko tavata (minut / meidät) taas? [Swe: Vill du träffa (mig / oss) igen?]

2nd person singular: Would you like to? = Haluatko? (Swe: Skulle du vilja?)

2nd person plural: Would you like to? = Haluatteko? (Swe: Skulle ni vilja?)

Thank you = Kiitos (Swe: Tack)

Yes, please = Kyllä kiitos (Swe: Ja tack )

No thank you = Ei kiitos (Swe: Nej tack )

How do I get to ... ? = Miten pääsen ...? (Swe: Hur kommer jag till...? )

How do I find ... ? = Miten löydän ...? (Swe: Hur hittar jag ... ?)

Where is ... ? = Missä on ....? (Swe: Var är ... ?)

Where is the railway station? = Missä rautatieasema on? (Swe: Var är järnvägsstationen?)

see places, etc

When? = Milloin? (Swe: När?)

Today = Tänään (Swe: Idag)

Tomorrow = Huomenna (Swe: I morgon)

Yesterday = Eilen (Swe: I går)

In the morning = Aamulla (Swe: På morgonen)

weekend = viikonloppu (Swe: veckoslut)

see you = nähdään (Swe: vi ses)

see you = nähdään [Swe: på återseende (formal)]

see you soon = nähdään pian (Swe: vi ses snart)

see you later = nähdään myöhemmin (Swe: vi ses senare)

It was nice / fun to meet you = Oli mukava / hauska tavata (Swe: Det var trevligt / roligt att träffas)

it was = oli (Swe: det var)

nice = mukava (Swe: trevligt)

fun = hauska (Swe: roligt)

have a nice day = hauskaa päivänjatkoa (Swe: Ha en trevlig dag/ Ha en bra dag )

have a good weekend = hauskaa viikonloppua (Swe: Ha en trevlig veckoslut)

Ha en bra veckoslut) good night = hyvää yötä (Swe: God natt)


How much? = Kuinka paljon? (Swe: Hur mycket?)

How much does this cost? = Kuinka paljon tämä maksaa? (Swe: Hur mycket kostar dethär?)

May I have = Saisinko? (or: Voisinko saada?) (Swe: Kan jag få...? )

May I have the check, please = Saisinko laskun (Swe: Kan Kan jag få notan, tack ...?)

Would you kindly.. = Voisitteko ... Voitko ... (Swe: Kunde du vänligen ...? )

2nd person singular: Would you like to? = Haluaisitko? (Swe: Skulle du vilja?)

Would you like to have ... = Haluaisitko...? (Swe: Skulle du vilja ha ... ?)

Would you like to meet (me / us) again?= Haluaisitko tavata (minut / meidät) taas? [Swe: Skulle du vilja träffa (mig / oss igen?]

2nd person plural: Would you like to? = Haluaisitteko? (Swe: Skulle ni vilja?)

Formal: Would You like to have ... = Haluaisitteko...? (= looks like 2nd person plural) (Swe: Skulle Ni vilja ha ... ?)

hotel = hotelli (Swe: hotell)

room = huone (Swe: rum)

one night = yksi yö (Swe: en natt)

two nights = kaksi yötä (Swe: två nätter) see: NUMBERS

I understand = minä ymmärrän (Swe: jag förstår)

I do not understand = minä en ymmärrä (Swe: jag förstår inte)

I cannot hear you = en kuule sinua (teitä = formal) [Swe: jag kan inte höra dig (Er: formal)]

I am sorry, I did not hear what you said = Olen pahollani, en kuullut mitä sanoit (sanoitte: formal) [Swe: Ursäkta, jag hörde inte vad du sade (Ni sade: formal)]



berry = marja (Swe: bär)

bevarage = juoma (Swe: dryck )

bird, fowl = lintu (Swe: fågel)

bread = leipä (Swe: bröd)

chicken = kana (Swe: höna, kyckling )

cow = lehmä (Swe: ko )

croquette = kroketti (Swe: krokett ) image

duck = ankka (Swe: villebråd )

fish = kala (Swe: fisk)

food = ruoka (Swe: mat )

fruit = hedelmä (Swe: frukt)

game = riista (Swe: villebråd )

grain = jyvä (Swe: korn)

meat = liha (Swe: kött ) See:

meat doneness

miso = miso (Swe: miso)

mussels = simpukat (Swe: musslor)

miso = miso (Swe: miso)

pasta = pasta (Swe: pasta)

pig = sika, possu (Swe: gris )

potato = peruna (Swe: potatis)

rice = riisi (Swe: ris)

red meat = punainen liha (Swe: röt kött )

restaurant = ravintola (Swe: restaurang )

salad = salaatti (Swe: sallad)

sauce = kastike (Swe: sås)

seitan = seitan (Swe: seitan)

snail = etana (Swe: snigel)

soup = keitto (Swe: soppa)

sushi = sushi (Swe: sushi)

tempeh, tempe = tempeh (Swe: tempeh)

tofu = tofu (Swe: tofu)

vegetable = vihannes, kasvis (Swe: grönsak )


Meat doneness:

tender = murea (Swe: mör)

rare = raaka (Swe: blodig/ rå)

raw = raaka (Swe: rå)

medium rare = puoliraaka (or just use the borrowed term "medium") (Swe: medium)

well done = kypsä (Swe: välstekt)

over done = ylikypsä (Swe: överstekt)

dry = kuiva (Swe: torr)

Much more about meat


I do not eat = en syö (Swe: Jag äter inte)

I do not eat red meat = En syö punaista lihaa. (Swe: Jag äter inte rött kött)

No red meat, please = Ei punaista lihaa, kiitos. (Swe: Inget rött kött, tack)

I am a vegetarian = Olen kasvissyöjä. (Swe: Jag är vegetarian)

I eat = Syön (Swe: Jag äter)

I only eat vagetables = Syön vain kasviksia. (Swe: Jag äter endast grönsaker)

I only eat vegtetables and fish = Syön vain kasviksia ja kalaa (Swe: Jag äter endast grönsaker och fisk)

I only eat vegtetables and seafood = Syön vain kasviksia ja kalaruokaa (Swe: Jag äter endast grönsaker och sjömat).

I drink red wine with fish = Juon punaviiniä kalan kanssa. (Swe: Jag dricker rött vin med fisk).

I like = pidän (Swe: Jag tycker om / jag gillar )

I do not like = en pidä (Swe: Jag tycker inte om)

I like red wine = pidän punaviinistä (Swe: Jag tycker om rödvin / rött vin)

red or white? = punaista vai valkoista? (Swe: rött eller vitt?)

red wine or white wine? = punaviiniä vai valkoviiniä (Swe: rödvin / rött vin eller vitt vin?)


I like moose steak = pidän hirvipihivistä (Swe: Jag tycker om älgbiff.)

Is it tender? = Onko se mureaa? (Swe: Är det mört?)

I would like to have my steak rare = Haluaisin pihivini raakana. (Swe: Jag vill ha min biff rå.)

I would like to have my steak medium rare = Haluaisin pihivini puoliraakana. (Swe: Jag vill ha min biff medelrå.)

I would like to have my steak well done = Haluaisin pihivini kypsänä. (Swe: Jag vill ha min biff välstekt.)



Mussels steamed with Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Dried Chili Coconut Juice. Click photo to enlarge:

Mussels in lemongrass, chili coconyt & Thai Basil broth. Spice Market, NY


Would you (one) like to have = saisiko olla...? (Swe: Får det vara...?)

Lets eat = syökäämme (Swe: Låt oss äta)

lets drink = juokaamme (Swe: Låt oss dricka)

a toast = malja (Swe: en skål)

lets toast = nostakaamme malja (Swe: Låt oss skåla)

thirst = jano (Swe: törst)

hirsty = janoinen (Swe: törstig)

Could I have some water (, please)? = Voisinko saada vettä? (Swe: Kan jag få vatten?)

I would like to have some water = Haluaisin vettä. (Swe: Jag skulle vilja ha lite vatten.)

Hunger = nälkä (Swe: hunger)

To be hungry = nälkäinen (Swe: hungrig)

I am hungry = olen nälkäinen, or, minulla on nälkä (Swe: Jag är hungrig)

Are you hungry? = Onko sinulla nälkä? (Swe: Är du hungrig?)

Are You hungry? = Onko Teillä nälkä? (Swe: Är Ni hungrig?)

Could I have the check? = Saisinko laskun? (Swe: Kan jag få notan?)

hot = kuuma (Swe: het / hett)

cold = kylmä (Swe: kall / kallt)


This is cold = Tämä on kylmää (Swe: detta / dethär är kallt)

Could you heat this up, please = Voisitteko lämmittää tämän? (Swe: Kan ni värma dethär?)

fresh = tuore (Swe: färsk)

delicious = herkullinen (Swe: läcker)





Peekytoe Crab Dumplings Sugar Snap Peas and Aromatic Spices. Click photo to enlarge:

Peekytoe Crab Dumplings, Sugar Snap Peas and Aromatic Spices at Spice Market, NY.


guacamole = guacamole (Swe: guacamole) image

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FISH & SEAFOOD - names and terms:


abalone/ ear shell/ sea-ear/ Venus's-ear/ muttonfish/ muttonshell = abaloni/ merikorva (Swe: abalone/ havsöra)

(red abalone = punamerikorva = (Swe: röd havsöra)

albacore / white (meat) tuna / longfin tuna/ pigfish/ tombo ahi = valkotonnikala (Swe: långfenad tonfisk)

american plaice = liejukampela (Swe: lerskädda)

amur pike/ blackspotted pike = täplähauki (Swe: amurgädda)

anchovy/ anchovies = sardelli/ sardellit (Swe: ansjovis/ ansjovisfiskar)

angler fish = merikrotti (Swe: marulk)

arctic char = nieriä, rautu (Swe: fjällröding)


Baltic herring = silakka, haili (Swe: strömming, sill)

baltic shrimp = leväkatkarapu (Swe: tångräka/ vanlig tångräka/ östersjöräka)

barnacle = merirokko( siimajalkainen) (Swe: rankfoting)

beluga/ sturgeon/ European sturgeon = kitasampi/ beluga (Swe: hus/ huse/ beluga/ vitval/ husstör/ husblosstör)

bigeye tuna = isosilmätonnikala (Swe: Storögd tonfisk)

blacktail perch / ruffe/ pope/ redfin darter/ blacktail/ stone perch/ striped perch = Kiiski (Swe: gers)

blackfin tuna = mustaevätonnikala (Swe: karibisk tonfisk /svart tonfisk)

bluefin tuna = sinievätonnikala (Swe: sydlig tonfisk)

blue mussel = sinisimpukka (Swe: blåmussla)

bleak = salakka (Swe: löja)

blue whiting = mustakitaturska (Swe: kolmule, blåvitling)

bonito, skipjack tuna, a.ka. aku/ arctic bonito/ mushmouth/ oceanic bonito/ striped tuna/ victor fish = boniitti (Swe: bonit)

branzino / european sea bass (also: mediterranean seabass / bronzini / branzini) = meribassi, meriahven (Swe: havsabborre, havsbass)

bream = lahna (Swe: braxen)

brill = silokampela (Swe: slätvaren)

brown trout = purotaimen/ forelli/ tammukka (Swe: öring/ bäcköring )

brown shrimp = hietakatkarapu (Swe: sandräka/ hästräka)

burbot = made (Swe: lake)


caviar = kaviaari (Swe: kaviar, caviar)

catfish = merikissakala (Swe: kattfisk)

char/ charr/ salvelinus = pikkunieriä (Swe: röding)

clam = simpukka (Swe: mussla)

cockle = sydänsimpukka (Swe: hjärtmussla)

cod = turska (Swe: torsk)

cod roe = turskanmäti (Swe: torskrom)

common bleak roe = salakanmäti (Swe: löjrom)

common sole = kielikampela/ meriantura/ Doverin kampela (Swe: sjötunga/ tunga)

conch = siipikotilo (Swe: snäcka/ conch/ conch snäcka)

conger eel = meriankerias (Swe: havsål)

crab = taskurapu (Swe: krabba)

crayfish, crawfish = rapu (Swe: kräfta)

crustacean = äyriäinen (Swe: kräftdjur)


fish plate / kalalautanen / fisktallrik Seurasaari_Island_Restaurant_Helsinki Seafood starter plate at Seurasaari Restaurant. Click photo.



dab = hietakampela (Swe: sandskädda/ sandflundra)

deep-sea shrimp/ deep-water shrimp = pohjankatkarapu (Swe: nordhavsräka)

Dover sole/ common sole = kielikampela/ meriantura/ Doverin kampela (Swe: sjötunga/ tunga )


eel = ankerias (Swe: ål)

escolar/ walu (Hawaiian walu) / butterfish = escolar, voikala, rasvakala (Swe: escolar,?) We have heard horror stories about this fish causing extreme diarrhea, but have never experienced it ourselves. No worries, we have not seen this on a restaurant menu in Helsinki. But we have enjoyed it, in crudo form at that, in a wonderful restaurant in NYC.

Hawaiian Walu crudo Hawaiian Walu Crudo, Avocado, Yuzu, Soy, Sugar Snap, Jalapeño, Lemongrass-Ginger Oil. Click photo to enlarge.

european sea bass / branzino (also: mediterranean seabass / bronzini / branzini) = meribassi, meriahven (Swe: havsabborre, havsbass)


fish croquette = kalakroketti (Swe: fiskkrokett ) image

flounder = kampela (Swe: flundra, skrubbskädda)

frog = sammakko (Swe: groda)

frogs' leg = sammakonreisi (Swe: grodben)

frogs' legs = sammakonreidet (Swe: grodben)

fugu, pufferfish = pallokala (Swe: blåsfisk)


gravlax/ salt cured salmon = graavilohi (Swe: gravlax)

great scallop/ king scallop = iso kampasimpukka (Swe: pilgrimsmussla/ stor kammussla)

green-lipped mussel/ green mussel / greenshell mussel = vihersimpukka (Swe:grönmussla/ grönläppad mussla )

grouper (family: Serranidae, subfamily: Epinephelinae) = meriahven (family: meriahvenet) [Swe: havsabborre (family: havsabborrfiskar)]


halibut = ruijanpallas (Swe: hälleflundra)

halibut / Greenland halibut = pallas / Grönlanninpallas (Swe: )

hard-shell clam / littleneck clam = venussimpukka (Swe: )

herring = silli (Swe: sill)

horse mackerel = piikkimakrilli (Swe: taggmakrill)


lemon sole = pikkupääkampela (Swe: bergskädda)

littleneck clam/ hard-shell clam = venussimpukka (Swe: )

lobster = hummeri (Swe: hummer)


mackerel = makrilli (Swe: makrill)

mediterranean seabass / branzino (also: european sea bass / bronzini / branzini) = meribassi, meriahven (Swe: havsabborre, havsbass)

bream = lahna (Swe: braxen)

minnow = Eurasian mutu (Swe: elritsa, kvidd)

monkfish = merikrotti (Swe: marulk)

mullet / grey mullet = keltti (Swe: multefisk )

muskellunge (muskelunge/ muscallonge/ milliganong/ maskinonge/ muskie/ musky) = jättihauki (Swe: maskalung)

mussel = simpukka (Swe: mussla)

mussels = simpukat (Swe: musslor)


noble crayfish/ European crayfish/ broad-fingered crayfish = jokirapu (Swe: flodkräfta)


ossetra (Russian sturgeon) = venäjänsampi (Swe: ossetra/ rysk stör)

oyster = osteri (Swe: ostron)



pope = kiiski (Swe: gärs)

perch = ahven (Swe: abborre)

pike = hauki (Swe: gädda)

pikeperch = kuha (Swe: gös)

plaice = punakampela (Swe: rödspätta)


queen scallop / quin = atlantinkampasimpukka (Swe: drottningmussla)


rainbow trout = kirjolohi (Swe: regnbågsöring/ regnbåge/ regnbågslax/ regnbågsforell)

rainbow trout roe = kirjolohenmäti (Swe: regnbågslaxrom)

razor-shell / Atlantic jackknife clam = veitsisimpukka (Swe: knivmussla )

red abalone = punamerikorva (Swe: röd havsöra)

redfish = punasimppu, also: puna-ahven (Swe: större kungsfisk)

roach = särki (Swe: Mört)

roe = mäti (Swe: rom)

roe spread = mätitahna (Swe: rom pasta)


salmon = lohi (Swe: lax)

sardine, pilchard = sardiini (Swe: sardin)

scallop = kampasimpukka (Swe: pilgrimsmussla/ stor kammussla)

scampi / Norway lobster = keisarihummeri

sea bass = meriahven, meribassi (Swe:havsaborre/bass)

sevruga/ stellate sturgeon = tähtisampi (Swe: sevruga/ stjärnstör)

shrimp = katkarapu (Swe: räka) image: shrimp taco w. pico de gallo

-deep-sea shrimp/ deep-water shrimp/ a.k.a. northern shrimp/ Alaskan pink shrimp/ pink shrimp/ northern red shrimp/ Greenland prawn = pohjankatkarapu (Swe: nordhavsräka)

skate = rausku (Swe: rocka)

smelt = kuore/ norssi (Swe: nors/ norsfisk )

smoked Baltic herring = savusilakka (Swe: rökt strömming )

snail = etana (Swe: snigel)

soft-shell clam = hietasimpukka (Swe: sandmussla)

sole = kielikampela, meriantura (Swe: sjötunga/ tunga )

sushi = sushi (Swe: sushi)

sturgeon = sampi (Swe: hus)
-beluga = kitasampi (Swe: vitval/ beluga)
-ossetra (Russian sturgeon) = venäjänsampi (Swe: ossetra rysk stör)
-sevruga (stellate sturgeon) = tähtisampi (Swe: sevruga/ stjärnstör)

swordfish = miekkakala (Swe: svärdfisk )


trout = taimen (Swe: öring)

tuna = tonnikala (Swe: tonfisk )


walleye = valkosilmäkuha (Swe: glasögongös)

vendance, European cisco = muikku (Swe: siklöja)

whitefish = siika (Swe: sik)


yellowfin tuna = keltaevätonnikala (Swe: gulfenad tonfisk)

Fish croquette, heirloom beans & arugula. Delicious fish croquettes at Gramercy Tavern, New York NY Click for large photo.


MEAT - names and food terms:


bacon = pekoni (Swe: bacon)

bacon, fried / fried bacon = paistettu pekoni (Swe: stekt bacon)

bear = karhu (Swe: björn)

beef = naudanliha (Swe: nötkött)

beef brisket (cow /bull) = naudanrinta / häränrinta (Swe: nötbringa / oxbringa)

beef mince / ground beef / minced meat/ hamburger meat = jauheliha (Swe: köttfärs / malet kött / nedmalt kött)

beef tenderloin fillet (whole) = härän sisäfilee (Swe: oxfilé )

- tenderloin steak = sisäfileepihvi (Swe: oxfilé-skiva/ oxfilé biff)

brisket = rinta (Swe: bringa)

bull = sonni (Swe: tjur )


calf = vasikka (Swe: kalv)

chateaubriand steak = chateaubriand pihvi (Swe: chateaubriand stek)

chop = kyljys/ kotletti (Swe: kotlett)

chuck = etuselkä (Swe: )

cold cuts, charcuteries = leikkeleet (Swe: kallskuret)

corned beef = suolaliha (Swe: saltat kött/ nötkött som kokts i saltlag)

cow = lehmä (Swe: ko)

cracklings (pork) = rapeaksi paistettu (sian)kamara

curing: (dry cured / salt cured / smoked) = säilöntä: (ilmakuivattu / suolattu / savustettu) [Swe: konservering: (lufttorkad /saltad / rökt)]

curing: (dry cured / salt cured / smoked) = säilöntä: (ilmakuivattu / suolattu / savustettu) [Swe: konservering: (lufttorkad /saltad / rökt ]

cutlet/chop = kyljys/ leike/ kotletti/ (Swe: kotlett)


deer = peura/ kauris (Swe: hjortdjur)


elk / moose = hirvi (Swe: älg)

entrecôte = entrecôte (Swe:entrecôte ) see definitions


fat = rasva, läski (Swe: fett, fläsk)

fat tissue = rasvakudos (Swe: fettvävnad)

fillet (beef, pork, lamb, veal) = filee (Swe: filé)

flank = naudankylki (Swe: flanksida/ kållapp/ slaksida/ slag )

fried bacon = paistettu pekoni (Swe: stekt bacon)

froglegs = sammakonreidet (Swe: grodlår)

veal = vasikanliha (Swe: kalvkött )

venison (elk, deer) = hirvenliha / peuranliha / kauriinliha [Swe: älgkött / hjortdjurskött (rådjusrskött /dovhjort)]



ground beef/ beef mince / ground beef = naudanjauheliha (Swe: nötköttfärs / malet nötkött / nedmalt nötkött)

ground lamb = lampaanjauheliha (Swe: malet fårkött )

ground meat/ minced meat/ beef mince / ground beef / hamburger meat = jauheliha (Swe: köttfärs / malet kött / nedmalt kött)

ground pork = porsaanjauheliha (Swe: malet griskött / nedmalt griskött)

ground veal = vasikanjauheliha (Swe: köttfärs på kalv / malet kalvkött / nedmalt kalvkött)

goat = vuohi (Swe: get)


heifer = hieho (Swe: kviga)


kebab meat = kebabliha (Swe: kebabkött)



lamb = karitsa (Swe: lamm)

lamb chop/ lamb cutlets = lampaankotletti (Swe: lammkotlett/ lammspjäll)

lamb shank = lampaanpotka (Swe: lammlägg)

lamb shoulder = lampaanrinta (Swe: lammbringa/ lammbog/ lammbröst/ bogstek av lamm/ bogbladsstek av lamm)

leg of lamb = lampaanpaisti/ lampaanviulu (Swe: fårfiol)

liver = maksa (Swe: lever)


meat broth / stock / bouillon = lihaliemi (Swe: köttbuljong)

minced meat/ beef mince / ground beef / hamburger meat = jauheliha (Swe: köttfärs / malet kött / nedmalt kött)

moose / elk = hirvi (Swe: älg)

mutton/ hogget = lammas (Swe: får, lamm)


New York steak/ strip steak/ top loin steak = ulkofileepihvi (Swe: stek på yttre file/ biff på yttre file)


ox = härkä (Swe: oxe)


pig= sika (Swe: gris)

pork = sianliha (Swe: griskött)

pork fat = siansilava / silava (Swe: grisfläsk / fläsk)

porterhouse steak/ T-bone steak = parifileepihvi (Swe: T-benstek )

prosciutto (dry-cured ham - prosciutto crudo in Italian) = prosciutto (ilmakuivattu kinkku) [Swe: prosciutto (lufttorkad skinka)]


reindeer = poro (Swe: ren)

rib steak = välikyljys (Swe:entrecôte )

roe deer, roebuck = metsäkauris (Swe: rådjur)


sheep = lammas (Swe: får)

sirloin steak = fileeselkä/ ulkofilepihvi (Swe: ryggbiff / ytterfile)

skirtsteak = naudankylkipihvi (Swe: flankstek)

steak = pihvi (Swe: biff / stek)

steak tartare, beef tartare = tartarpihvi (or: raakalihapihvi) (Swe: tartarbiff)

steer = nuori härkä (Swe: stut)

strip steak / top loin steak/ New York steak = ulkofileepihvi (Swe: stek på yttre file/ biff på yttre file)

sweetbread = kateenkorva (Swe: bräss)


T-bone steak / porterhouse steak = T-luupihvi / parifileepihvi (Swe:T-benstek )

top loin steak / strip steak / New York steak = ulkofileepihvi (Swe: stek på yttre file/ biff på yttre file)

topside roast / top round roast / topside / top round first cut/ inside round roast = sisäpaisti (Swe: ländstycke/ oxinnanlår / nötinnanlår/ oxstek / nötstek)

top sirloin butt (roast beef) = paahtopaisti (Swe: rostbiff)

turtle = kilpikonna (Swe: sköldpadda)

turtle soup = kilpikonnakeitto (Swe: sköldpaddsoppa)


veal = vasikanliha (Swe: kalvkött )

venison (elk, deer) = hirvenliha / peuranliha / kauriinliha [Swe: älgkött / hjortdjurskött (rådjusrskött /dovhjort)]


white-tailed deer = valkohäntäkauris/ valkohäntäpeura (Swe: vitsvanshjort)

wild boar = villisika (Swe: vildsvin)

meat doneness



hamburger = hampurilainen (Swe: hamburgare)

cheeseburger = juustohampurilainen (Swe: osthamburgare)

hot dog = hot dog (coloquial= "hodari") (Swe: hot dog)

sausage = makkara (Swe: korv)

wiener, frankfurter = nakkimakkara, nakki (Swe: wienerkorv, knackkorv)

barbecue sausage = grillimakkara (Swe:grillkorv)

bologna (mild Finnish) = lauantaimakkara (Swe: lördagskorv). A mild Finnish sausage. Litererally: "Saturday sausage". Resembles the Swedish "falukorv" - sausage.

bratwurst = braatvursti, bratwursti (Swe: bratwurst)

cocktail frankfurter = prinssinakki or prinssinmakkara (Swe: )

chorizo = chorizo (Swe: chorizo)

cooked sausage = keittomakkara (Swe: )

cured sausage = kestomakkara (Swe: )

dried sausage = kuivattu makkara (or: kuivamakkara) (Swe: )

groat sausage = ryynimakkara (Swe: grynkorv)


liverwurst, liver sausage = maksamakkara (Swe: leverkorv)

ring bologna or (ringwurst, Fleischwurst) = lenkkimakkara (Swe: )

merguez = merguez (Swe: merguez )

pepperoni (veriety of salami) = pepperoni [(mausteinen) salamityyppinen makkara] [Swe: pepperoni (salamityp)]

salami = salami, meetvursti, metwursti (Swe: salami, metwurst)


FOWL - names and food terms:

broiler / grilled chicken = broileri/ broiler grillattu kana (Swe: kyckling/ broilerkyckling/ broiler)

chicken = kana (Swe: höna)

capon (i.e. castrated, fatttened cockerel)= kapuuni / salvukukko / syöttökukko ( eli kastroitu, lihoitettu nuori kukko) [Swe: kapun (eller: kastrerad, gödd ungtupp)]

chick = untuvikko (Swe: ung kyckling)

cock, rooster = kukko (Swe: tupp)

coot = nokikana (Swe: sothöna)

cormorant /great cormorant = merimetso (Swe: storskarv)

duck = ankka, sorsa (Swe: anka)

duck liver/ foie gras = ankanmaksa / foie gras (Swe: anklever / foie gras )

eider /common eider = haahka (Swe: ejder )

foie gras, goose liver = hanhenmaksa (Swe: gåslever /foie gras )

goose = hanhi (Swe: gås)

goose liver / foie gras = hanhenmaksa / foie gras (Swe: gåslever /foie gras )

hen = kana (Swe: höna)

muscovy duck = myskisorsa (Swe: )

quail = viiriäinen (Swe: vaktlar /group: medelstora hönsdjur/ family: fälthöns )

turkey = kalkkuna (Swe: kalkon)




miso = miso (Swe: miso)

miso soup = misokeitto (Swe: miso soppa)

tempeh, tempe = tempeh (Swe: tempeh)

seitan = seitan (Swe: seitan)

soy = soija (Swe: soja)

vegetable broth/ stock = kasvisliemi (Swe: vegetabilisk buljong)





alfalfa sprouts = sinimailasen idut / alfa-alfa idut (Swe: alfa-alfa groddar)

arrowroot/ obedience plant = arrowjuuri/ arrow - tärkkelys/ "nuolijuuri" (Swe: arrowroot/ arrowrot/ arrow-stärkelse/ "pil-rot")

artichoke/ globe artichoke = latva-artisokka (Swe: kronärtskocka)

arugula/ eruca/ rucola/ rukola/ rocketsalad/ garden rocket/ rocket = rucola/ sinappikaali (Swe: rucolasallat/ ruccolasallat/ roquettesallat/ "senapskål") image

asparagus = parsa (Swe: sparris)

aubergine, eggplant = munakoiso (Swe: aubergine/ äggplanta/ äggört)

avocado = avokado (Swe: avokado)


bamboo shoot = bambunverso (Swe: bambuskott)

bean = papu (Swe: böna) ( list of beans )

bean curd/ tofu = tofu (soija"juusto"/ soijapapu"juusto") [Swe: tofu (soja "färskost")]

bean sprout = pavunitu (Swe: böngrodd)

beet / red beet (beetroot) = punajuuri (Swe: rödbeta)

bell pepper = paprika (Swe: paprika)

black radish/ black Spanish/ black Spanish round = musta retikka (better known in Eastern Europe than in the United States) (Swe: svart rättika)

black salsify (scorzonera) = mustajuuri (Swe: svartrot) (see: salsify)

black-eyed pea = mustasilmäpapu (Swe: svartögd böna)

bok choy/ Chinese cabbage [a.k.a.Chinese chard/ snow cabbage/ asian cabbage/ celery mustard/ "pak-choi" (etc)] = pinaattikiinankaali/ kiinankaalli/ "bok choy"/ pak-soi" (Swe: kinesisk kål/ kinesisk pac choi/ "bok choi")

BABY BOK CHOY. Click image for larger photo:baby bok choy


B ...continued...

borlotti bean/ cranberry bean/ a.k.a. roman beans/ romano beans = borlottopapu / pensaspapu (Swe: borlottiböna)

broad bean / fava bean [vicia faba/ faba bean/ field bean/ bell bean/ tic bean] = härkäpapu (Swe: favaböna/ bondböna)

broccoli = parsakaali (Swe: broccoli )

brown bean = ruskea papu (Swe: brun böna)

brussels sprout = ruusukaali (Swe: brysselkål)

butterbean/ lima bean/ Madagascar bean = limapapu/ limanpapu/ voipapu (Swe: limaböna/ elefantböna/ smörböna)

butterhead lettuce (a.k.a Boston Bibb lettuce/ buttercrunch lettuce) = keräsalaatti/ pehmeä keräsalaatti/ pehmeälehtisalaatti (Swe: huvudsallat/ sallat)

butternut squash/ butternut pumpkin/ (a type of) winter squash = suuri talvikurpitsa/ butternut-kurpitsa [Swe: stor vinterpumpa/ butternut squash/ stor gulaktig squash]

Baby beet salad with orange and spiced nuts


cabbage = kaali (Swe: kål)

caper = kapris (Swe: kapris)

carrot = porkkana (Swe: morot)

cauliflower = kukkakaali (Swe: blomkål)

celeriac/ celery root/ turnip-rooted celery/ knob celery = mukulaselleri / juuriselleri (Swe: rotselleri)

celery = selleri / varsiselleri / lehtiselleri (Swe: selleri/ blekselleri)

celery stalk = sellerinvarsi (Swe: selleristjälk)

Chinese white cabbage/ Chinese cabbage/ Napa cabbage [a.k.a. Celery cabbage/ Chinese celery cabbage/ Shantung cabbage/ chefoo cabbage/ Chinese leaves/ pe tsai/long white cabbage/ sui choy] = salaattikiinankaali/ kiinankaali (Swe: salladskål, sellerikål, kinesisk petsai)

C ...continued...

chickpea / garbanzo bean = kahviherne / kikherne (Swe: kickärt)

chicory / endive = endiivi / sikurisalaatti (Swe: endive/ endiv/ endivsallat)

chili pepper [a.k.a. chilli pepper/ chilli/ chillie/ chili/ chile] = chilipippuri / chilipaprika / turkinpippuri (Swe: chilipeppar/ spanskpeppar)

chive = ruohosipuli (Swe: gräslök)

cipollini onion (smallish, flat) = cipollini-sipuli/ cipollinisipuli (Swe: cipollinilök)

collard greens = lehtikaali (Swe: bladkål)
Note: Oddly, Collard Greens and Kale have the same name in Finnish. Theyare both of the "Brassica oleracea" group.
Link to info & image

common chicory (herb) [a.k.a. succory/ coffeeweed/ cornflower/ blue sailors ] = sikuri (Swe: cikoria/ vägvårda/ blåblinka/ blåbinkegräs)

corn / maize = maissi (Swe: majs) - sweet corn = sokerimaissi/ makea maissi (Swe: sötmajs)

corn kernel = maissin jyvä (Swe: majskorn)

corncob = maissintähkä (Swe: majskolv)

corn on the cob (pole corn/ cornstick/ sweet pole/ butter-pop/ long maize) = keitetty maissintähkä (Swe: kokad majskolv)

cos lettuce, romaine lettuce = sidesalaatti/ roomansalaatti/ romainesalaatti/ cossalaatti (Swe: romersk bindsallad/ romansallad/ cossallad)

cowpea = lehmänpapu/ pitkäpapu (Swe: ögonböna)

cucumber = kurkku (Swe: gurka)

cucumber pickles = kurkkupikkelssi (Swe: gurkpickles)

curly endive/ frisée/ (also called: chicory) = friseesalaatti/ kähäräendiivi (Swe: friséesallat)

cress = krassi (Swe: krasse)


Guacamole. Click image for larger photo: Guacamole Fonda Park Slope Brooklyn NY


daikon, oriental radish = japaninretikka, daikonretikka (Swe: japansk rättika/ daikon rättika)


eggplant / aubergine = munakoiso (Swe: aubergine/ äggplanta/ äggört)

edamame = edamame/ edamame-papu (Swe: edamame)
- Baby soy beans in pod, lightly cooked and spiced, often with salt.
- Nuori soijapapu palossaan, kevyesti keitetty, maustettu, usein suolalla.
- Omogna sojabönor i sin skida, lätt kokta, kryddade, ofta med salt.

endive / chicory = endiivi / sikurisalaatti (Swe: endive/ endiv/ endivsallat)

endive = salaattisikuri/ endiivi (Swe: endiv/ endivia/ sydcikoria/ endiviesallad, endivsallad, endivsallat/ endive)

escarole/ broad-leaved endive/ scarola/ scarole/ Bavarian endive/ Batavian endive/ grumolo = siloendiivi (Swe: escarolesallat)


fennel = fenkoli/ saksankumina (Swe: fänkål)

fiddlehead fern = kotkansiipisaniainen (Swe: fiddleheads / unga skott av (ätliga strutbräken)

florence fennel = maustefenkoli (Swe: kryddfänkål)


garden cress = vihanneskrassi (Swe: krasse )

garlic = valkosipuli (Swe: vitlök)

garlic chive = kiinalainen ruohosipuli

giant pumpkin = jättikurpitsa (Swe: jättepumpa)

ginger = inkivääri (Swe: ingefära)

glasswort / pickleweed / sea bean = suolayrtti

goatsbeard/ salsify/ oyster plant / vegetable oyster = kaurajuuri (Swe: haverrot)

green bean = vihreä papu (Swe: grön böna)

green beans/ haricots verts/ french beans/ runner beans = leikkopavut/ vihreät pavut (Swe: haricots verts/ gröna bönor)

green onion/ scallion = kevätsipuli/ vihersipuli/ salaattisipuli (Swe: salladslök/ piplök/ vårlök/ grön lök)

haricots verts/ green beans/ french beans/ runner beans = leikkopavut/ vihreät pavut (Swe: haricots verts/ gröna bönor)


haricots verts/ green beans/ french beans/ runner beans = leikkopavut/ vihreät pavut (Swe: haricots verts/ gröna bönor)
green bean = vihreä papu (Swe: grön böna)

head lettuce = keräsalaatti (Swe: huvudsallat)

heart of palm = palmunydin, palmunsydän (Swe: palmhjärta, palmmärg, palmkål)

horseradish = piparjuuri (Swe: pepparrot)

horseradish paste = piparjuuritahna(Swe: pepparrotspasta)




iceberg lettuce = jäävuorisalaatti / rapea keräsalaatti (Swe: isbergssallad)


jerusalem artichoke = maa-artisokka (Swe: jordärtskocka)

jicama (root)/ yam / yam bean/ Mexican Turnip = jicama/ jicama-juuri (Swe: jicama /jicamarot)


kale/ borecole = lehtikaali (Swe: bladkål)
see image
Note: Oddly, Kale and Collard Greens have the same name in Finnish. Theyare both of the "Brassica oleracea" group.

kidney bean (red bean/ common bean) = kidneypapu/ tarhapapu/ punainen papu (Swe: njurböna/ kidneyböna/ röd böna/ trädgårdsböna)

kohlrabi = kyssäkaali /kaalirapi (Swe: kålrabbi/ knutkål)


leek = purjosipuli (Swe: purjolök)

lentil = linssi (Swe: lins)

lettuce = salaatti (Swe: sallat)

leaf lettuce = lehtisalaatti (Swe: sallat)

lima bean/ butterbean/ Madagascar bean = limanpapu/ limapapu/ voipapu (Swe: limaböna/ elefantböna/ smörböna)

lotus root = lootuksenjuuri (Swe: lotusrot)


Madagascar bean/ lima bean/ butterbean = limanpapu/ limapapu/ voipapu (Swe: limaböna/ elefantböna/ smörböna)

mizuna/ kyona/ California peppergrass/ Japanese mustard/ Japanese greens/ potherb mustard/ spider mustard = mizuna salaatti/ kyona salaatti (Swe: mizuna sallat/ kyona sallat )

mushroom = sieni (Swe: svamp)
list of mushrooms


nettle = nokkonen (Swe: nässla)

Napa cabbage/ Chinese white cabbage (a.k.a. Chinese cabbage/ Celery cabbage/ Chinese celery cabbage/ Shantung cabbage/ chefoo cabbage/ Chinese leaves/ pe tsai/long white cabbage) = salaattikiinankaali / kiinankaali (Swe: salladskål, sellerikål, kinesisk petsai)


oak leaf lettuce = tammenlehtisalaatti (Swe: ekbladssallat)

okra = okra (Swe: okra)

olive = oliivi (Swe: oliv)

onion = sipuli (Swe: lök)

oyster plant/ salsify/ goatsbeard / vegetable oyster = kaurajuuri (Swe: haverrot)



parsnip = palsternakka (Swe: palsternacka)

parsley = persilja (Swe: persilja)

pattypan squash/ sunburst squash/ white squash/ scallopini/ button squash/ scallop squash/ custard squas (pâtisson) = kiekkokurpitsa/ patissionkurpitsa/ patission-kurpitsa (Swe: tallrikssquash/ tefatspumpa)

pea = herne (Swe: ärt)

peas - list of

SWEET PEAS SHOOTS. Click image for larger photo: sweet pea shoots


pearl onion (small, round) = helmisipuli / pikkusipuli ( Swe: pärllök)

pickles = pikkelssi (Swe: pickles)

pickled cucumber = kurkkupikkelssi (Swe: gurkpickles)

pumpkin pickles = kurpitsapikkelssi (Swe: squashpickles)

plantain/ cooking plantain/ banana plantain/ bocadillo plantain = keittobanaani/ jauhobanaani/ ruokabanaani (Swe: kokbanan/ mjölbanan/ matbanan/ pisang)

potato = peruna (Swe: potatis)

some potato dishes:

baked potato, jacket potato = uuniperuna (Swe: ungspotatis)

french fries = ranskalaiset perunat (Swe: Fransk potatis)

chips (UK) = ranskalaiset perunat (Swe: Fransk potatis)

potato chips = perunalastut (slang: sipsit) (Swe: potatischips)

potato crisps (UK) = perunalastut (slang: sipsit) (Swe: potatischips)

potato puree = perunasose (Swe:potatispyre / potatispuré)

mashed potatoes = perunamuusi (Swe:potatismos)

potato gratin / scalloped potatoes = perunagratiini / perunakiusaus / kermaperunat / perunavuoka (Swe: potatisgratäng)


pumpkin = kurpitsa (Swe: pumpa)

purslane/ common purslane/ verdolaga/ little hogweed/ pusley = portulakka/ salaattiportulakka (Swe: portlak/ salladsportlak/ trädgårdsportlak)





quinoa (vegetable) = kvinoa eli kinua (vihannes) [(Swe: mjölmålla / quinoa (grönsak)]

see: quinoa seed


radicchio = punasikuri / punasalaatti (Swe: rosésallat/ radicchiosallad/ radicchio)

radish = retiisi (Swe: redis)

rape/ rapeseed/ oilseed/ rapa/ rapaseed = rapsi (Swe: raps)

red beet = punasipuli (Swe: rödbeta)

red cabbage = punakaali (Swe: rödkål)

red onion = punasipuli (Swe: rödlök)

red hot pepper = chilipaprika (Swe: chillipaprika)

rhubarb = raparperi (Swe: rabarber)

romaine lettuce / cos lettuce = sidesalaatti/ roomansalaatti/ romainesalaatti/ cossalaatti (Swe: romersk bindsallad/ romansallad/ cossallad)

root parsley = juuripersilja (Swe: rotpersilja)

root vegetable = juures (Swe: rotfrukter)

runner bean/ scarlet runner bean = ruusupapu (Swe: rosenböna)

rutabaga / swede = lanttu (Swe: kålrot)

root parsley / turnip-rooted parsley = juuripersilja (Swe: rotpersilja/ persiljerot)


salad = salaatti (Swe: sallad)

salsify/ goatsbeard / oyster plant / vegetable oyster = kaurajuuri (Swe: haverrot)

samphire / rock samphire = merifenkoli (Swe: havsfänkål)

sauerkraut = hapankaali (Swe: surkål)

Savoy cabbage = kurttukaali / savoijinkaali (Swe: savojkål)

SAVOY CABBAGE. Click image for larger photo: Savoy cabbage


S ...continued...

scallion/ green onion = kevätsipuli/ vihersipuli/ salaattisipuli (Swe: salladslök/ piplök/ vårlök/ grön lök)

scorzonera / black salsify = mustajuuri (Swe: svartrot)
(see: salsify)

seaweed = merilevä (Swe: tång)

shallot = salottisipuli, shalottisipuli (Swe: schalottenlök)

snow pea = sokeriherneenpalko (Swe: sockerärt)

Note: Snow peas are flatter than common garden peas. Snap peas are a cross between the garden pea & the snow pea and their pods are plump with a crisp, snappy texture. The pods of both are edible, and both have a bit sweeter taste than the garden pea.
SNOW PEAS. Click image for larger photo.


sorrel/ common sorrel/ garden sorrel/ spinach dock = suolaheinä (Swe: ängssyra/ vanlig ängssyra)

soybean = soijapapu (Swe: sojaböna)

soy milk = soijamaito (Swe: sojamjölk)

spinach = pinaatti (Swe: spenat)

spring green (cabbage) = varhaiskaali (Swe: ung kål / vårkål)

spring onion = kevätsipuli (Swe: vårlök)

squash = kurpitsa (Swe: squash)

sugar beet = sokerijuurikas (Swe: sockerbeta)

sugarcane = sokeriruoko (Swe: sockerrör)

sugar snap pea = sokeriherneenpalko (Swe: sockerärt)

see snow pea v. sugar snap pea
sugar snap peas
SUGAR SNAP PEAS. Click image for larger photo.

summer squash = kesäkurpitsa (Swe: sommarsquash)

summer cabbage = kesäkaali (Swe: sommarkål)


S ...continued...

sweet corn = sokerimaissi/ makea maissi (Swe: sötmajs)

swede / rutabaga = lanttu (Swe: kålrot)

sweet pepper / bell pepper = paprika (Swe: paprika)

sweet potato = bataatti (Swe: batat)

Swiss chard = mangoldi


tapioca/ cassava/ bitter-cassava/ manioc/ manioca = tapioka / brasilialainen nuolijuuri/ kassava/ maniokki (Swe: tapioka/ kassava/ cassava/ maniok)

taro/ dasheen = taro (Swe: taro)

tofu bean/ curd = tofu (soija"juusto"/ soijapapu"juusto") [Swe: tofu (soja "färskost")]

tomatillo (mexican tomato/ jamberry/ husk tomato/ husk cherry/ ground cherry)= tomatillo (Swe: tomatillo)

tomato = tomaatti (Swe: tomat)

tomato = tomaatti-chutney (Swe: tomatchutney)

tomato ketchup = tomaattiketchuppi, ketsuppi (Swe: tomatketchup)

tomato paste = tomaattipyree (Swe: tomatpyre)

tomato passata = paseerattu tomaatti (kastike) (Swe: passerad tomat)

tomato puree = tomaattipyree (Swe: tomatpyre)

tomato sauce = tomaattikastike (Swe: tomatsås)

truffle (mushroom) = tryffeli (Swe: tryffel)

turnip = nauris / turnipsi (Swe: majrova / rova)

rape = rypsi


vegetable oyster/ salsify/ goatsbeard / oyster plant = kaurajuuri (Swe: haverrot)

vine leaf = viininlehti (Swe: vinlöv)

ROMAINE LETTUCE. Click image for larger photo:
Romaine lettuce



water chestnut = vesikastanja (Swe: vattenkastanj)

watercress = vesikrassi (Swe: vattenkrasse)

watermelon = vesimeloni (Swe: vattenmelon)

winter squash/ pumpkin = talvikurpitsa (Swe: vintersquash)

wax bean = vahapapu (Swe: vaxböna)

white bean / navy bean = valkoinen papu (Swe: vitböna)

white cabbage = valkokaali (Swe: vitkål)

white onion = hopeasipuli / salaattisipuli/ valkoinen ruokasipuli (Swe: silverlök)


white radish = valkoinen retikka (daikon)




yam = jamssi (Swe: jams)


zucchini/ small summer squash / courgette = (pieni) kesäkurpitsa [Swe: (liten) äggplanta/ zucchini]


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SALAD WITH SWEET PEAS SHOOTS, BEETS, BROCCOLIRABE, etc. Click image for larger photo:




MUSHROOM = SIENI (Swe: svamp)

albatrellus ovinus = lampaankääpä (Swe: fårticka)

Boletaceae / boletus = tatti (Swe: sopp)

boletus edulis/ porcini/ cep/ cepe / king bolete/ edible bolete = herkkutatti, kivitatti, hepotatti (Swe: karljohanssvamp, karljohan, stensopp) images

bay bolete, boletus badius = ruskotatti (Swe: Brunsopp)

black trumpet/ black chanterelle/ horn of plenty = musta torvisieni, mustatorvisieni (Swe: Svart trumpetsvamp)

brick-red russula/ copper brittlegill = kangashapero (Swe: tegelkremla)

brittlegill, russula = hapero (Swe: kremla)

cauliflower mushroom/ sparassis = kurttusieni (Swe: blomkålssvamp/ sparassis crispa)

champignon = herkkusieni (Swe: champinjon) (a.k.a. white mushroom or button mushroom)

chanterelle = kantarelli, keltavahvero (Swe: kantarell)

cloud ear fungus/ cloud ear mushroom / Judas's ear fungus = pilvenkorva (Swe: judasöra)

copper brittlegill/ brick-red russula = kangashapero (Swe: tegelkremla)

crimini/ cremini/ portabellini/ italian brown mushroom = crimini/ ruskea herkkusieni/ cremini (Swe: crimini/ brun champignon)

CRIMINI MUSHROOMS. Click image for larger photo: crimini mushroom

enoki mushroom = talvijuurekas, enoki (Swe: vinterskivling)

false morel, lorchel = korvasieni NOTE (Swe: murkla, stenmurkla)

False saffron milk-cap = kuusenleppärousku (Swe: Tallblodriska)

funnel chanterelle, yellowfoot, trumpet-shaped chanterelle = suppilovahvero (Swe: trattkantarell)

golden russula = kultahapero (Swe: guldkremla)

green russula = koivuhapero (Swe: grönkremla )

grey agaric = harmaavalmuska (Swe: jordmusseron)

hen of the woods/ ram's head / sheep's head / grifola frondosa/ maitake = maitake / koppelokääpä (Swe: maitake svamp)

honey fungus = mesisieni (Swe: honungskivling)

horn of plenty/ black trumpet/ black chanterelle = musta torvisieni, mustatorvisieni (Swe: Svart trumpetsvamp)

sheathed woodtuft = koivunkantosieni (Swe: föränderlig tofsskivling)

milkcap = rousku (Swe: riska)

morel = huhtasieni (Swe: toppmurkla) NOTE

mushroom = sieni (Swe: svamp)

oyster mushroom = osterivinokas (Swe: ostronmussling / ostronskivling)

orange birch bolete = koivunpunikkitatti (Swe tegelröd björksopp)

pale hedgehog fungus = vaaleaorakas (a.k.a.rusko-orakas) (Swe: Blek taggsvamp)

penny-bun (cep / porcini / king bolete) = herkkutatti, tatti (Swe: karljohanssvamp, stensopp)

pickle milkcap = haaparousku (Swe: skogsriska)

porcini/ cep/ boletus edulis/ cepe / king bolete/ edible bolete = herkkutatti, kivitatti, hepotatti (Swe: karljohanssvamp, karljohan, stensopp)

portobello/ portabello/ portabella = portabello/ portabella (Swe: portabello/ portabella)

rufous milkcap = kangasrousku (Swe: pepparriska)

russula, brittlegill = hapero (Swe: kremla)

saffron milk cap/red pine mushroom = männynleppärousku (Swe: tallblodriska)

sheep polypore = lampaankääpä (Swe: fårticka)

shiitake = siitake (Swe: shiitake)

slippery jack, butter mushroom, brown-yellow boletus = voitatti (Swe: smörsopp)

straw mushroom / paddy straw mushroom = riisinolkisieni (Swe: halm svamp) (Many Swedes just call it "straw mushroom". We have also seen it be called "kinesisk stråsvamp".)

trumpet-shaped chanterelle, funnel chanterelle, yellowfoot = suppilovahvero (Swe: trattkantarell)

truffel = tryffeli (Swe: tryffel)

wine-red russula = viinihapero (Swe: vinkremla)

wood ear mushroom / tree ear/ black fungus (a.k.a. ear fungus, wood ear, hairy wood ear, wood fungus, tree ear fungus, black Chinese mushroom, Szechwan fungus)= puunkorva (Swe: skogsöron)

woolly milkcap = karvarousku (Swe: skäggriska)

yellow foot = kosteikkovahvero (Swe: rödgul trumpetsvamp )

yellow swamp brittlegilll / yellow swamp russula = keltahapero (Swe: gulkremla)

NOTE about morels / false morels:

It is good to be aware that when a restaurant menu in Finland says "morels", it is very possible that the mushrooms in question are false morels. If you do not want to eat false morels, make sure to ask what the Finnish name of the mushroom in question is. As listed above, huhtasieni = morel, and korvasieni = false morel. False morels are extremely poisonous (deadly). Before cooking they have to be carefully pre-boiled multiple times, by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Despite the danger, false morels are considered a delicacy in Finland and many people eat them, including me.

You can also just ask if the mushrooms in question (on the menu or on your plate) are poisonous; a smart practice wherever you eat, if you do not know the mushroom. Some Finns also consider thoroughly dried false morels safe to cook and eat. Although I have eaten false morels prepared like that, I cannot recommend it. Some experts claim that the poison of even the most carefully pre-boiled false morels can stay in the body, accumulate, and later do harm. I do not know of anyone who has fallen ill after eating (properly prepared) false morels in a Finnish restaurant -or in a Finnish home. But I think it is important that every individual can make an educated decision about what they eat - and calling food items by their correct names / or asking about specific ingredients helps.

A cursory search on the web produced, for example this dish on a restaurant's menu: "KERMAINEN KORVASIENI-SAVUPOROKEITTO" / "CRÈME OF MORELS WITH SMOKED REINDEER". (i.e. false morels).



cowpea = lehmänpapu/ pitkäpapu (Swe: ögonböna)

chickpea / garbanzo bean = kahviherne / kikherne (Swe: kickärt)

dried pea = kuivattu herne (Swe: gul ärt / torkad ärt )

field pea = peltoherne

fresh pea = tuore herne

garden pea = tarhaherne

green pea = vihreä herne

pea = herne (Swe: ärt)

pea pod = herneenpalko

smooth pea, winter pea = silpoherne

snap pea / round-podded snow pea = taittoherne / pyöreäpalkoinen sokeriherne


snow pea, sugar pea / flat-podded snow pea) = sokeriherne / litteäpalkoinen sokeriherne

split pea = kuorittu herne

wrinkled pea = silpoydinherne

yellow pea = keltainen herne

pigeon pea = kyyhkyherne



adzuki bean = adzukipapu (Swe: adzukiböna)

bean = papu (Swe: böna )

black bean = mustapapu (Swe: svartböna)

black eyed bean = mustasilmäpapu (Swe: svartögd böna)

black gram = mungopapu (Swe: mungoböna)

Boston bean = valkoinen papu (Swe: vitböna)

broad bean = härkäpapu (Swe: bondböna)

brown bean = ruskeapapu (Swe: brunböna)

chick-pea = kikherne (Swe: kikärta)

cowpea = mustasilmäpapu (Swe: vignaböna)

fava bean = härkäpapu (Swe: bondböna)

French bean / adzukiböna = tarhapapu / leikkopapu (Swe: haricots verts )

garbanzo bean / chickpea= kahviherne / kikherne (Swe: kickärt)

green bean = vihreäpapu [Swe: brytböna (grön böna)]

haricots verts = leikkopapu / tarhapapu (Swe: haricots verts)

kidney bean = kidneypapu (Swe: vit böna )

lentil = linssi (Swe:lins)

lima bean/ butterbean/ Madagascar bean = limanpapu/ voipapu (Swe: limaböna/ elefantböna/ smörböna)

mung bean = mungpapu (Swe: mungböna

pigeon pea = kyyhkyherne (Swe: duvärt)

pinto bean = pintopapu (Swe: pintoböna)

red bean = punapapu (Swe: rödböna)

(red) kidney bean = (punainen) kidneypapu (Swe: rödböna)

soy bean = soijapapu (Swe: sojaböna)

wax bean = vahapapu (Swe: vaxböna)

white bean = valkopapu (Swe: vitböna )




açaí berry fruit = acai-marja / assai-hedelmä (Swe: acai frukt / assaifrukt)

alpine currant = taikinamarja (Swe: måbär)

arbutus-berry / strawberry tree fruit = mansikkapuun hedelmä (Swe: jordgubbsträd frukt)

arctic raspberry = mesimarja (Swe: åkerbär) - actually a drupe

billberry = mustikka (Swe: blåbär)

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is closely related to North American wild and cultivated blueberries and huckleberries. It is also known as: blaeberry, whortleberry, (ground) hurts, whinberry, winberry, windberry, wimberry, myrtle blueberry & fraughan. Source: Wikipedia

It can get confusing because in Northern Europe Blueberry, the close relative of Bilberry is also just called blueberry, or "bush blueberry". For example the Swedish name of Bilberry (blåbär) means Blueberry. The Finnish name (mustikka) for bilberry (and blueberry) means, loosely translated: "Blackie".
* see note in right column

blueberry / highbush blueberry = pensasmustikka (Swe: Amerikanskt blåbär)


blackberry = karhunvatukka (Swe: björnbär) - actually a drupe

boysenberry = boysenmarja (Swe: boysenbär) - actually a drupe

blackcurrant / cassis= mustaherukka (Swe: svart / svarta vinbär)

black crowberry = variksenmarja / kaarnikka (Swe: kråkbär / kråkris )

cherry = kirsikka (Swe: körsbär)

cloudberry = lakka / hilla / muurain (Swe: hjortron) - actually a drupe

cranberry = karpalo (Swe: tranbär)

crowberry = see: black crowberry, above.

elderberry = seljanmarja (Swe: fläderbär)

goji berry / wolfberry = susimarja / goji-marja (Swe: bocktörne / kinesiska gojibär)

gooseberry = karviaismarja (Swe: krusbär)

grape = viinirypäle (Swe: vindruva)

lingonberry, red bilberry, cowberry = puolukka (Swe: lingon)

loganberry = loganmarja (Swe: loganbär) - actually a drupe


raisin = rusina (Swe: russin)

raspberry = vadelma (Swe: hjortron) - actually a drupe

redcurrant = punaherukka (Swe: rött/röda vinbär)

rose hip / rose haw = ruusunmarja / ruusunkiulukka (Swe: nypon)

sea-buckthorn berries = tyrnimarja (Swe: havtornsbär)

strawberry = mansikka (Swe: jordgubbe)

strawberry tree fruit / arbutus-berry = mansikkapuun hedelmä (Swe: jordgubbsträd frukt)

stone bramble / rubus saxatilis= lillukka (Swe: stenbär / glasbär / jungfrubär / Jungfru Mariebär / klusbär / krasbär / stenhallon / tagbär / tågbär) Source: Wikipedia

tomato = tomaatti (Swe: tomat)

white currant / whitecurrant (also: pink currant / yellow currant) = valkoherukka / valkoinen viinimarja (Swe: vita vinbär )

wolfberry / goji berry= susimarja / goji-marja (Swe: bocktörne / kinesiska gojibär)

Bilberries are quite hard to grow /cultivate -and they grow in the wild in just a few countries, Finland and other Nordic countries among them.
See Wikipedia.
No wonder I always thought that Finnish "Blueberries" (i.e., Billberries) are much tastier than for example American Blueberries.




açaí, see açaí berrry fruit

american persimmon/ persimmon = amerikanpersimoni (Swe: amerikansk persimon/ persimon) image of persimmon

apple = omena (Swe: äppel)

apple sauce = omenasose (Swe: äppelmos)

apricot = aprikoosi (Swe: aprikos)


banana = banaani (Swe: banan)

bitter orange, Seville orange/ sour orange = hapanappelsiini/ pomeranssi (Swe: pomerans/ Sevilla-apelsin/ bitter apelsin/ also: grön apelsin)


clementine = klementiini (Swe: clementin)

cantaloupe = cantaloupemeloni (Swe: cantaloupmelon)

crab apple = villiomena (Swe: paradisäpple)


damson / damson plum / prune = kriikuna (Swe: sviskon)

date = taateli (Swe: dadel) actually a drupe


fig = viikuna (Swe: fikon) actually a drupe


grapefruit = greippi (Swe: grapefrukt)

guava = guava (Swe: guava)


honeydew melon = hunajameloni (Swe: honungsmelon)


kiwifruit = kiivi (Swe: kiwi)

kumquat = kumkvatti, käääpiöappelsiini (Swe: kumquat, dvärgapelsin)


lemon = sitruuna (Swe: citron)

lime = limetti (Swe: lime)

lychee = litsiluumu (Swe: litchi)


mamoncillo, quenepas, a.k.a. mamón / spanish lime / limoncillo/ quinep / qinep / kinep. = We have not found confirmed Finnish or Swedish names for this fruit. Our best quess is: "Espanjanlimetti" / quenepa(Swe: spanjorlimefrukt? /quenepa) Quenepa is not a citrus fruit. The Dutch name is "knippa". image of Quenepas

mandarin orange = mandariini (Swe: mandarin)

mango = mango (Swe: mango)

melon = meloni (Swe: melon)


nectarine = nektariini (Swe: svart nektarin)


orange = appelsiini (Swe: appelsin)


papaya = papaija (Swe: papaya)

passion fruit = passionhedelmä (Swe: passionsfrukt)

Quenepas / Mamoncillos. Click on image for a larger image:


P ... continued...

peach = persikka (Swe: persika)

pear = päärynä (Swe: päron)

pineapple = ananas (Swe: ananas)

persimmon/ sharon/ japanese persimmon (a.k.a. hachiya/ fuyu) = kakihedelmä/ kakiluumu/ persimoni/ persimon (Swe: sharon/ sharonfrukt/ kinesisk persimon/ japansk persimon/ kakiplommon/ kakifrukt/ kaki)

Persimmons. Click on image for a larger image: persimmon


plum = luumu (Swe: plommon)

pomegranate= granaattiomena (Swe: granatäpple )

prickly pear = kaktusviikuna (Swe: kaktusfikon)

prune/ damson / damson plum = kriikuna (Swe: sviskon)

prune (dried plum) = kuivattu luumu (Swe: katrinplommon)


quenepas, mamoncillo, a.k.a. mamón / spanish lime / limoncillo/ quinep / qinep / kinep. = We have not found confirmed Finnish or Swedish names for this fruit. Our best quess is: "Espanjanlimetti" / quenepa(Swe: spanjorlimefrukt? /quenepa) Quenepa is not a citrus fruit. The Dutch name is "knippa".

Quenepas / Mamoncillos. Image on left.


quince = kvitteni (Swe: kvitten)


Seville orange/ bitter orange/ sour orange = pomeranssi/ hapanappelsiini (Swe: pomerans/ Sevilla-apelsin/ bitter apelsin/ also: grön apelsin)


watermelon = vesimeloni (Swe: vattenmelon)





acorn = tammenterho (Swe: ekollon)

arctic raspberry = mesimarja (Swe: åkerbär)

Australian cashew nut = australialainen cashew-pähkinä (Swe: australiensk cashewnöt / kasjunöt)

avocado = avokado (Swe: avokado)


blackberry = karhunvatukka / poimuvatukka (Swe: björnbär / svarthallon / björnhallon)

boysenberry = boysenmarja (Swe: boysenbär) A cross btwn a raspberry - a blackberry - and/or a loganberry

Brazil nut = parapähkinä / brasilianpähkinä (Swe: paranöt)


cashew = cashew-pähkinä (Swe: cashewnöt / kasjunöt)

chestnut = kastanja (Swe: kastanjkastanjenöt)

cloudberry = lakka / hilla (muurain/ suomuurain/lintti/ valokki) (Swe: hjortron)

coconut = kookospähkinä (Swe: kokosnöt)


date = taateli (Swe: dadel)


fig = viikuna (Swe: fikon)




gevuina / Chilean hazel (Spanish: avellano chileno) = gevuina (avellana) pähkinä/ "chileläinen hasselpähkinä" (Swe: chilensk hasselnöt/ gevuina avellana nöt)


hazelnut = hasselpähkinä (Swe: hasselnöt)


jujube/ red date / Chinese date = jujube (Swe: jujubär / jujuber / bröstbär )


loganberry = loganmarja (Swe: loganbär)

lychee / laichi / lichu = litsi (Swe: litchi)


mango = mango (Swe: mango)

macadamia / macadamia nut (Queensland nut / bush nut, maroochi nut / bauple nut) = australianpähkinä (Swe: macadamianöt)


nectarine = nektariini (Swe: nektarin)

nut = pähkinä (Swe: nöt)


olive = oliivi (Swe: oliv)



peanut / groundnut (actually a legume) = maapähkinä (Swe: jordnöt)

peach= persikka (Swe: persika)

pecan = pekaanipähkinä (Swe: pecannöt)

pine nut / pinoli /pignoli / indian nut = pinja (Swe: pinjenöt)

pistachio = pistaasipähkinä / mantelipistaasi (Swe: pistaschmandel)

plum = luumu (Swe: plommon)

prune = kriikuna (Swe: sviskon)


raspberry = vadelma (Swe: hallon)


sesame seed = seesaminsiemen (Swe: sesamfrön)


walnut = saksanpähkinä/ saksanjalopähkinä (Swe: valnöt)


watermelon seeds = vesimelonin siemen (Swe: vattenmelon frön )


DRINK / JUOMA / DRYCK              *           ENGLISH / FINNISH / SWEDISH


a drink = juoma (or drinkki) (Swe: drink)

alcohol free drink = alkoholiton drinkki (Swe: alkoholfri drink)

aperitif = aperitiivi (Swe: aperitif)

beer = olut (Swe: öl)

blush (wine) = roseviini (Swe: rosevin)

wine = viini(Swe: vin)

white wine = valkoviini (Swe: vitvin)

red wine = punaviini(Swe: rödvin)

cognac, brandy = konjakki (Swe: konjak, cognac)



Fresh, alcohol free drinks. Quite tasty. Click to enlarge:

Alcohol free drinks at Rouge Tomate NYC



juice = mehu (any juice) (Swe: jus)

juice (fresh squeezed) tuoremehu(Swe: färskt pressad jus)

coffee = kahvi (Swe: kaffe)

tea = tee (Swe: te)

black tea = musta tee (Swe: drink)

green tea = vihreä tee (Swe: saft)

milk = maito (Swe: mjölk)

cream = kerma (Swe:grädde )

soy milk = soijamaito (Swe: sojamjölk)

lactose free milk = laktoositon maito (Swe: laktosfri mjölk)





almond = manteli (Swe: mandel)

apple pie = omenapiirakka/ omenatorttu (Swe: äppeltårta/ äppelpaj)

apricot pie = aprikoosipiirakka (Swe: aprikostårta/ aprikospaj)


barley = ohra (Swe: korn/ brygg )

barley flour = ohrajauho (Swe: kornmjöl/ bryggmjöl )

barley groats = ohraryyni (Swe: korngryn)

barley pearled = ohrasuurimo (Swe: krossad korngryn/ brygggryn)

barley - whole grain = kokonainen ohrasuurimo (Swe: hela korngryn/ brygggryn)

biscuit (sweet) = keksi / pikkuleipä (Swe: kex/ småbröd )

bilberry pie = mustikkapiirakka (Swe: blåbärspaj)

blueberry pie = mustikkapiirakka (Swe: blåbärspaj) see note

bran = lese (Swe: kli)

bread = leipä (Swe: bröd)

bread crumbs = korppujauho (Swe: skorpsmulor)

breakfast cereals = aamiaishiutaleet (Swe: frukost flingor)

bun = sämpylä (Swe: semla/ ljus vetebulle/ småfranska/ fralla)

-sweet bun = pulla (like Challah, US) (Swe: bulla / bulle)

buckwheat flour = tattarijauho (Swe: bovete)


cake = kakku (Swe: kaka)

-layer cake = täytekakku (Swe: fyllkaka) -chocolate cake = suklaakakku (Swe: chokladkaka) -chocolate layer cake = suklaatäytekakku (Swe: choklad-fyllkaka / tårta med chokladfyllning/ choklad-fylltårta)
[chocolate = suklaa (Swe: choklad)]
-fruit layer cake = hedelmätäytekakku (Swe: frukt-fyllkaka/tårta med fruktfyllning/ frukt- fylltårta )
-sponge cake = sokerikakku (Swe:sockerkaka)

cashew = cashew-pähkinä (Swe: cashewnöt / kasjunöt)

cereal / breakfast cereal= aamiashiutaleet (Swe: flingor, frukostflingor)

corn = maissi (Swe: majs)

corn flakes = maissihiutaleet / corn flakes (Swe: corn flakes)

corn flour = maissijauho (Swe: majsmjöl)

cornmeal = maissijauho (Swe: majsmjöl)

corn starch = maissitärkkelys (Swe: majsstärkelse)

cookie = pikkuleipä/ keksi (Swe: småbröd/ kex)

cracker (sweet) = keksi (Swe: kex)

cracker (not sweet) = korppu (Swe: skorpa)

cream puff / profiterole/ choux pastry = tuulihattu (Swe: petit choux)

crispbread = näkkileipä (Swe: knäckebröd)

crispbread with bran = lesenäkkileipä (Swe: knäckebröd med kli)


Danish (pastry) = viineri (Swe: wienerbröd)

doughnut bun = munkki (Swe: munk)

doughnut bun, filled with jelly / jelly bun = hillomunkki (Swe: syltmunk/ syltfylld munk/ munk med sylt)


empanada = empanada (eteläamerikkalainen täytetty suolainen leivonnainen) [Swe: empanada (sydamerikansk bröd med fyllning / saltig deg med fyllning)]


Finn crisp (thin rye crisp) = hapankorppu (Swe: surskorpa)

flatbread / thinbread = ohutleipä (Swe: flatbröd)

flour = jauho (Swe: mjöl)

full grain / whole grain = kokojyvä (Swe: fullkorn)




ginger snap = piparkakku (Swe: pepparkaka)

griddle (cake) bread = rieska (Swe: tunnbröd)

griddle (cake) potato bread = perunarieska (Swe: lefsa/ tunnbröd av potatis)

groats = suurimo (Swe: gryn)


hamburger bun = hampurilaissämpylä (Swe: hamburgerbröd/ hamburgerbröd-bulle / bröd bulle till hamburgare)

hot dog bun = hot dog sämpylä (Swe: hot dog bröd / hot-dogbröd)


jelly roll / roll cake / Swiss roll = kääretorttu (Swe: rulltårta)


Karelian pie = karjalanpiirakka (Swe: karelsk piråg)

kamut/ khorasan wheat = kamutvehnä (Swe: kamutvete)


macaroni = makaroni (Swe: makaron)

millet = hirssi (Swe: hirs)

muesli = mysli (Swe: mysli/musli/ müsli)


oats = kaura (Swe: havre)

oat cereal = kauramurot (Swe: havreflingor)

oat flour = kaurajauho (Swe: havremjöl)

oat groats/ rolled oats/ hulled oats = kauraryyni/ kaurasuurimo (Swe: valsad havre/ havregryn)

oatmeal biscuit = kauralastu (Swe: havreflan)


potato bread = perunaleipä (Swe:potatisbröd)

pasta = pasta (Swe: pasta)

pastry / baked goods = leivonnainen (Swe: bakelse)

pastry = kahvileipä (Swe: kaffebröd)

pearl barley/ pearled barley = ohrasuurimo (Swe: krossad korngryn/ brygggryn)

phyllo/ filo / fillo dough (means leaf or sheet) = filo-taikina/ fillo-taikina (Swe: filodeg)

pie = piirakka / torttu (Swe: paj / tårta)

popcorn = popcorn (Swe: popcorn)

potato flour = perunajauho (Swe: potatismjöl)

potato bread = perunaleipä (Swe: potatosbröd)

profiterole/ cream puff / choux pastry = tuulihattu (Swe: petit choux)


quinoa (seed) = kvinoa eli kinua (siemen) [(Swe: mjölmålla / quinoa (frön)] see: quinoa vegetable


rhubarb pie = raparperipiirakka (Swe: rabarberpaj/ rabarbertårta)

rice = riisi (Swe: ris)

-brown rice = kokojyväriisi/ tumma riisi (Swe: råris/ fullkornsris)

rice flour = riisijauho (Swe: rismjöl)

roll = sämpylä (Swe: semla/ ljus vetebulle/ småfranska/ fralla)

rolled barley/ flaked barley/ broken barley/ barley flakes = ohrahiutale (Swe: valsat korn/ kornflingor/ bryggflingor)

rolled oats/ oat groats/ hulled oats = kauraryyni/ kaurasuurimo (Swe: valsad havre/ havregryn)


R ... continued

Runeberg's torte = Runebergintorttu (Swe: Runebergstårta)

rye = ruis (Swe: råg)

rye bread = ruisleipä (Swe: rågbröd)

rye flakes = ruishiutaleet (Swe: råggryn)

rye flour = ruisjauho (Swe: rågmjöl)

rye kernels- cracked / cracked rye kernels = ruisrouhe (Swe: rågkross)

rye roll (bun) = ruissämpylä (Swe: rågsemla/ rågbulle)

rye & wheat bread = ruissihtileipä (Swe: rågsiktsbröd)

rye & wheat flour mix = ruissihtijauho (Swe: rågsikt/ siktat mjöl (60% vetemjöl & 40% rågmjöl)

rye wholemeal = kokojyvä ruisjauho (Swe: helkornsrågmjöl)


saffron bread = sahramileipä (Swe: saffransbröd)

saffron pastry (sweet bun) = sahramipulla (Swe: saffransbulle)

soy = soija (Swe: soja / soya)

soy flour = soijajauhe (Swe: sojamjöl)

soy pasta = soijapasta (Swe: sojapasta)

spaghetti = spagetti (Swe: spagetti)

sponge cake = sokerikakku (Swe: sockerkaka)

sourdough bread = hapanleipä (Swe: surdegsbröd)

strawberry pie = mansikkapiirakka (Swe: jordgubbstårta)


taco = taco (Swe: taco)

Shrimp Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Chipotle Aioli. Brooklyn Fish Camp. Click to enlarge: Shrimp tacos & pico de gallo &  chipotle aioli

tortilla = tortilla (Swe: tortilla)



waffle = vohveli (Swe: våffla)

-filled wafer = vohvelikeksi (Swe: våffelkex)

walnut = saksanpähkinä/ saksanjalopähkinä (Swe: valnöt)

wheat = vehnä (Swe: vete)

wheat bread = vehnäleipä (Swe: vetebröd)

white bread = ranskanleipä (Swe: franskbröd)

wholemeal bread = kokojyväleipä (Swe: fullkornsbröd)

wheat bran = vehnälese (Swe: vetekli)

wheat cracker = vehnäkeksi (Swe: vetekex)

wheat flakes = vehnähiutaleet (Swe: veteflingor)

wheat flour = vehnäjauho (Swe: vetemjöl)

wheat germ = vehnänitu (Swe: vetegrodd)

wheat grain = vehnänjyvä (Swe: vetekorn)

wheat groats = vehnäryyni (Swe: gryn)

wheat: puffed wheat = vehnämurot (Swe: puffat vete)

wheat semolina/ semolina flour = semolina vehnä (Swe: semolina-vete)

wholemeal/ whole grain / full grain = kokojyvä (Swe: fullkorn)




ajwain/ ajowan caraway/ carom seeds = intiankumina (ajowan) (Swe: ajowan, ajwain, koptisk kummin)

alkanet = peltorasti (Swe: Fårtunga)

allspice (a.k.a. newspice/ Jamaica pepper/ myrtle pepper/ pimenta) = maustepippuri (Swe: kryddpeppar / piment)

almond extract = manteliaromi, manteliesanssi (Swe: mandel esanss, mandel-arom, mandel ekstrakt)

alpinia galanga/ greater galangal/ Thai galangal (ginger family) = galanga/ Thai galanga (inkivääri) (Swe: stor galangarot/ alpinia)

amaranth = revonhäntä/ amaranttti (Swe: amarant/ rävsvans)

ambergris (ambergrease / grey amber) = ambra (Swe: ambra)

angelica/ garden angelica = väinönputki (Swe: kvanne/ angelica)

angostura = angostuura, angostura (Swe: angostura)

anise = anis (Swe: anis)

anise seed, aniseed = aniksensiemen (Swe: anisfrö)

anise oil = anisöljy (Swe: anis olja)

annatto/ roucou = annatto (Swe: annatto/ roucou)

apple mint = omenaminttu (Swe: äppelmint)

apple wine vinegar = omenaviinietikka (Swe: äppelvinäger)

arugula, rocket = sinappikaali, rucola

arrowroot/ obedience plant = arrowjuuri/ "nuolijuuri"/ arrow - tärkkelys (Swe: arrowrot/ arrowroot/ arrow-stärkelse/ "pil-rot")

see avocado leaf (Mexican) = (meksikolainen) avokadonlehti


balsamic vinegar = balsamietikka (Swe: balsamvinäger)

barbecue sauce = grillikastike, grillauskastike (Swe: grillsås)

barberry/ berberis = happomarja (Swe: berberis)

basil = basilika (Swe: basilikas)

bay leaf = laakerinlehti (Swe: lagerblad)

bee balm = väriminttu

bell pepper, sweet pepper = paprika (Swe: paprika)

berbere/ berbere spice mix = berbere / berbere maustesekoitus (Swe: berbere/ berbere kryddblandning )

bitter almond extract = karvasmanteliaromi, karvasmanteliesanssi (Swe: bittermandelextrakt, bittermandelessens)

bitter almond oil = karvasmanteliöljy (Swe: bittermandelolja)

bitter (Seville) orange peel = pomeranssinkuori (Swe: pomeransskal)

black pepper = mustapippuri (Swe: svartpeppar)

borage = kurkkuyrtti, purasruoho

bouquet garni / "garnished boquet" (of herbs)/ bunch of tied herbs = bouquet garni - yrttinippu / (yhteen sidottu) yrttikimppu [Swe: bouquet garni örtblandning/ (ihopknuten) örtbukett]

bouillon cube/ stock cube = liemikuutio (Swe: buljongkub)

brown sugar = fariinisokeri (Swe: farinsocker)




caper = kapris (Swe: kapris)

cane sugar = ruokosokeri (Swe: rörsocker)

caraway = kumina (Swe: kummin)

cardamom = kardemumma (Swe: kardemumma)

cassia/ Ceylon cinnamon = kassiakaneli (Swe: kassiakanel)

cayenne pepper = cayennepippuri (Swe: cayennepeppar)

celery = selleri (Swe: selleri)

celery seed = sellerinsiemen (Swe: sellerifrö)

chamomile/ camomile = kamomilla (Swe: kamomille)

chervil = kirveli, maustekirveli (Swe: körvel)

chilli pepper = chilipippuri, chilipaprika

chives = ruohosipuli (Swe: gräslök)

chutney = hapanimelä or hedelmäinen (paksu) maustekastike / chutney-kastike (Swe: Chutney / tjock syltliknande söt eller sötsur sås )

cilantro / coriander leaf /chinese parsley = cilantro / lehtikorianteri / kiinalainen persilja (Swe: korianderblad / bladkoriander / cilantro)

CILANTRO. Click image for larger photo: cilantro

cinnamon = kaneli (Swe:kanel)

clove = neilikka, mausteneilikka (Swe: klöver)

coarse salt = karkea suola (Swe: grovsalt)

confectioner's sugar/ powdered sugar/ icing sugar = tomusokeri, pölysokeri (Swe: florsocker, pudersocker)

coriander = korianteri (Swe: koriander)

coriander seed = korianterinsiemen (Swe: korainderfrö)

cubeb pepper, tailed pepper = kubebapippuri (Swe: kubebapeppar)

cucumber pickles = kurkkupikkelssi (Swe: gurkpickels)

cumin = kumina (roomankumina, juustokumina) (Swe: kummin)

black cumin, black jeera = musta roomankumina

curly mint / spearmint = kähäräminttu / viherminttu (Swe: krusmynta / grönmynta )

curly parsley, curly-leaf parsley = kähäräpersilja (Swe: kruspersilja a.k.a. krusbladig persilja / krusig bladpersilja)

curry = curry (karri) (Swe:curry)

curry leaf = currynlehti (Swe: currylöv)

curry plant = olkikukka, curry-yrtti (Swe:curryört)


dill = tilli (Swe: dill)

dill seed = tillinsiemen (Swe: dillfrö)

crown dill = kruunutilli (Swe: krondill)


eucalyptus = eukalyptus (Swe: eukalyptus)

Extract, essence = uute, aromi, esanssi (Swe: extrakt, essans, arom)


fennel = fenkoli (Swe: fänkål)

fennel seed = fenkolinsiemen (Swe: fänkålsfrö)

fenugreek = sarviapila (Swe: bockhornsklöver)

fish sauce = kalakastike (Swe: fisksås)

flat-leaf parsley, Italian parsley = silopersilja, sileälehtinen persilja (Swe: slätpersilja/ slätbladig persilja)

fragrant screwpine/ pandan leaf / fragrant grass = kairapalmu, kairapalmunlehti (Swe: skruvpalm)

fructose = fruktoosi (Swe: fruktos)

fruit sugar = hedelmäsokeri (Swe: fruktsocker)


garden angelica/ angelica= väinönputki (Swe: kvanne/ angelica)

garden cress, peppergrass = vihanneskrassi (Swe: smörgåskrasse)

garlic = valkosipuli (Swe: vitlök)

garlic chives = kiinalainen ruohosipuli (Swe: kinesisk gräslök)

gelatine = liivate (Swe: gelatin)

granulated/powdered gelatine = liivatejauhe (Swe: gelatinpulver)

sheet gelatine, leaf gelatine = liivatelehti (Swe: blad gelatin)

ginger = inkivääri (Swe: ingefära)

grains of paradise/ melegueta pepper = meleguettapippuri/ amomum (Swe: paradiskorn, meleguetapeppar)

green pepper = viherpippuri (Swe: grönpeppar)


horseradish = piparjuuri (Swe: pepparrot)

horseradish paste = piparjuuritahna (Swe: pepparrotspasta)


iodised salt = jodisuola (Swe: jodsalt)


juniper berry = katajanmarja (Swe: enbär)


kaffir lime leaf, makrut lime leaf = limetinlehti (Swe: lime löv, kaffir lime löv)

ketchup = ketchuppi, ketsuppi (Swe:ketshup, ketchup)

tomato ketchup = tomaattiketchuppi, tomaattiketsuppi (Swe: tomatketchup)


lavender = laventeli (Swe: lavendel)

lemon balm = sitruunamelissa (Swe: citronmeliss)

lemon grass = sitruunaruoho (Swe: citrongräs)

lemon extract = sitruuna-aromi, sitruunaesanssi (Swe: citronextrakt, citronessans)

lemon oil = sitruunaöljy (Swe: citronolja)

lemon verbena = sitruunaverbena, tuoksuverbena (Swe: citronverbena)

liquorice, licorice = lakritsi (Swe: lakrits)


mace = muskottikukka (Swe: muskotblomma)

mallow = malva (Swe: malva)

maple syrup = vaahterasiirappi (Swe: lönnsirap)

marigold, pot marigold = kehäkukka, tarhakehäkukka (Swe: ringblomma)

marjoram = meirami (Swe: mejram)

mayonnaise = majoneesi (Swe: majonnäs)

menthol = mentoli (Swe: mentol)

mint = minttu (Swe: mynta)

molasses, dark = siirappi molasses, light (golden syrup) = vaalea siirappi

musk = myski (Swe: mysk)

mustard = sinappi (Swe: senap)

mustard powder = sinappijauhe (Swe: senapsmjöl)

mustard seed = sinapinsiemen (Swe: senapsfrö)


nasturtium = koristekrassi (Swe: blomkrasse)

nettle = nokkonen (Swe: nässla)

nigella, black cumin = ryytineito, mustakumina

nutmeg = muskottipähkinä (Swe: muskotnöt)


onion = sipuli (Swe: lök)

orange oil = appelsiiniöljy (Swe: aplesinolja)

orange extract = appelsiiniaromi, appelsiiniesanssi (Swe: apelsinextrakt, apelsinessans)

oregano = oregano (a.k.a. mäkimeirami) (Swe: oregano/ kungsmynta)

oyster sauce = osterikastike (Swe: ostronsås)


peppermint = piparminttu (Swe: pepparmynta)

peppermint extract = piparminttuaromi, piparminttuesanssi (Swe: pepparmyntaextrakt/ pepparmyntsessens )

peppermint oil = piparminttuöljy (Swe: pepparmyntsolja)

palm sugar = palmusokeri (Swe: palmsocker)

parsley = persilja (Swe: persilja)

pennyroyal = puolanminttu (Swe: polejgräs/ polejmynta)

pepper = pippuri (Swe: peppar)

perilla a.k.a. beefsteak plant/ japanese basil/ purple mint / (shiso) = veripeippi, perilla (Swe: perilla)

pickles = pikkelssi (Swe: pickels / pickles )

pico de gallo / salsa fresca = pico de gallo (Swe: pico de gallo) image

pumpkin pickles = kurpitsapikkelssi (Swe: pumpapickels)

pink pepper = roseepippuri, ruusupippuri (Swe: rosepeppar)

poppy seed = unikonsiemen (Swe: vallmofrö)

pumpkin seed = kurpitsansiemen (Swe: pumpafrö)

purslane/ common purslane/ pusley/ pigweed/ little hogweed/ verdolaga = portulakka / vihannesportulakka (Swe: portlak)




red wine vinegar = punaviinietikka (Swe: rödvinsvinegär )

rice vinegar = riisiviinietikka (Swe: risvinsvinäger)

rock salt = vuorisuola (Swe: bergssalt)

rosemary = rosmariini (Swe: rosmarin)

roseroot/ golden root/ Aaron's rod = ruusujuuri (Swe: rosenrot)

rum extract = rommiaromi, rommiesanssi (Swe: romextrakt, romessans)


saffron = sahrami (Swe: saffran)

sage = salvia (Swe: salvia)

salsa = salsa / tomaattisalsa (Swe: salsa / tomatsalsa)

salt = suola (Swe: salt)

scallion = kevätsipuli/ salaattisipuli (Swe: salladslök / grön lök/ knipplök )

sansho pepper (japanese for Sichuan pepper/ Szechuan pepper) = kiinanpippuri/ japaninpippuri/ sichuaninpippuri/ anispippuri/ fagara (Swe: Sichuanpeppar )

sassafras = sassafras (Swe: sassafras)

sauce = kastike (Swe:sås)

savory = kynteli (Swe: kyndel)

screwpine (fragrant), pandan leaf/ fragrant grass = kairapalmu, kairapalmunlehti (Swe: skruvpalm)

sea salt = merisuola (Swe: havssalt)

seaweed = merilevä (Swe: tång)

sesame seed = seesaminsiemen (Swe: sesamfrö)

Seville (bitter) orange peel = pomeranssinkuori (Swe: pomeransskal)

shallot = Salottisipuli, shalottisipuli (Swe: shalottenlök)

Sichuan pepper/ Szechuan pepper/ (sansho pepper) = kiinanpippuri/ japaninpippuri/ sichuaninpippuri/ anispippuri/ fagara (Swe: Sichuanpeppar )

sorrel = suolaheinä (Swe: ängssyra)

soy sauce = soijakastike (Swe: sojasås/ soja )

spearmint = viherminttu (Swe: grönmynta )

spearmint oil = viherminttuöljy (Swe: grönmyntsolja )

spinach = pinaatti (Swe: spenat)

spruce bud, spruce shoot = kuusenkerkkä (Swe: granskott)

spruce shoot syrup = kuusenkerkkäsiirappi (Swe: granskottssirap)

star anise/star aniseed/ badiane/ Chinese star aniseed = rusotähtianis/ tähtianis (Swe: stjärnanis/ kinesisk stjärnanis)

St. John's wort = mäkikuisma (Swe: johannesört/ äkta johannesört )

sugar = sokeri (Swe: socker)

sugar cane = sokeriruoko (Swe: sockerrör)

summer savory = kesäkynteli (Swe: sommarkyndel)

sweet pepper, bell pepper = paprika (Swe: paprika)


table salt = pöytäsuola (Swe: bordssalt)

tabasco sauce = tabascokastike (Swe: tabascosås)

tamarind = tamarindi (Swe: tamarind)

tarragon = rakuuna (Swe: dragon, malört, gråbo)

thyme = ajuruoho, timjami (Swe: timjam)

lemon thyme = sitruuna-ajuruoho, sitruunatimjami (Swe: citrontimjam)

tomato passata/ sieved tomatoes = paseerattu tomaatti(kastike) (Swe: passerad tomat)

tomato purée / tomato paste = tomaattipyree (Swe: tomatpyre)

turmeric = kurkuma (Swe: gurkmeja)


vanilla essence = vanilja-aromi, vaniljaesanssi (Swe: vaniljessans)

vanilla extract = vaniljauute (Swe: vaniljextrakt)

vanilla = vanilja (Swe: vanilj)

vanilla bean, vanilla pod = vaniljatanko (Swe: )

vanillin = vanilliini (Swe: )

vinegar = viinietikka, etikka (Swe: vinäger/ ättika)


wasabi = maustekrassi, wasabi, japaninpiparjuuri (Swe: wasabi)

watercress= vesikrassi (Swe: vattenkrasse)

water pepper = katkeratatar (Swe: )

white pepper = valkopippuri (Swe: vitpeppar)

white wine vinegar = valkoviinietikka (Swe: vitvinsvinegär )

wintergreen, teaberry = lamosalali (Swe: )

winter savory = talvikynteli (Swe: vinterkyndel)

woodruff = tuoksumatara (Swe: myskmadra / myska )

wormseed/ santonica /artemisia cina/ (epazote in Spanish) = sitruunasavikka (Swe: citronmålla/ epazote )

wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) / absinthe wormwood / absinthium, common wormwood / grand wormwood = koiruoho/ mali (Swe: malört)

yarrow/ common yarrow/ devil's nettle/ gordaldo / milfoil/ old man's pepper/ sanguinary/ soldier's woundwort, thousand-leaf = siankärsämö (Swe: röllika / rölleka )




1 = yksi (Swe: en / ett) gender

2 = kaksi (Swe: två)

3 = kolme (Swe: tre)

4 = neljä (Swe: fyra)

5 = viisi (Swe: fem)

6 = kuusi (Swe: sex)

7 = seitsemän (Swe: sju)

8 = kahdeksan (Swe: åtta )

9 = yhdeksän (Swe: nio)

10 = kymmenen (Swe: tio)

11 = yksitoista (Swe: elva)

12 = kaksitoista (Swe: tolv)

13 = kolmetoista , etc.(Swe: tretton)

20 = kaksikymmentä (Swe: tjugo)

30 = kolmekymmentä (Swe: trettio)

40 = neljäkymmentä, etc. (Swe: fyrtio)

100 = sata (Swe: hundra)

200 = kaksisataa (Swe: två hunrda)

300 = kolmesataa, etc. (Swe: tre hundra)

111= satayksitoista (Swe: hundraelva)

112 = satakaksitoista, etc. (Swe: hundratolv)

1,000 = tuhat (Swe: tusen)

2,000 = kaksi tuhatta (Swe: tvåtusen)

3,000 = kolme tuhatta, etc. (Swe: tretusen)

10,000 = kymmenentuhatta (Swe: tiotusen )

20,000 = kaksikymmentätuhatta (Swe: tjugotusen)

30,000 = kolmekymmentätuhatta, etc. (Swe: trettiotusen)

100,000 = satatuhatta (Swe: hundratusen)

200,000 = kaksisataatuhatta (Swe: twåhundratusen)

300,000 = kolmesataatuhatta, etc. (Swe: trehundratusen)

1 million = yksi miljoona (Swe: en miljon)

2 million = kaksi miljoonaa (Swe: två miljoner)

3 million = kolme miljoonaa (Swe: tre miljoner)


time= aika (Swe: )

minute = minuutti (Swe: )

hour = tunti (Swe: )

a day = päivä (Swe: )

big = iso (Swe: )

large = suuri (Swe: )

small = pieni (Swe: )

money= raha (Swe: )

bill = seteli (Swe: )

coin = kolikko (Swe: )

a one hundred Euro bill (coloquial) = satanen

a ten Euro bill (coloquial) = kymppi (Swe: )

a check = shekki bill or (the) check = lasku (Swe: )

Could I have the check = Saisinko laskun (Swe: )

How much? = Kuinka paljon? (Swe: )

How much does this cost? = Kuinka paljon tämä maksaa? (Swe: )


Time is expressed in "military" time, i.e., Finland uses a 24 hour clock instead of a twelve hour clock.

So in the morning, at
11:30 (AM), Finns do not use the AM, plain
11:30 is good, because
11:30 PM is expressed as 23:30.

Briefly put:
11:30 AM = 11.30
11:30 PM = 23:30. Etc.

12 NOON = 12.00
12.00 MID = 24.00
1.30 PM = 13.30, etc.
1 AM = 1.00.

If you want to understand Finnish bus or train time tables, etc., you will have to know the 24 hour clock system.

What time is it? = Mitä kello on? (Swe: Vad är klockan?)


Swedish has two grammatical genders - male and female. It has no neutral gender. Word endings depend on gender, and are thus important in Swedish.



bar= baari (Swe: )

music= musiikki (Swe: )

club= klubi (Swe: )

band= bändi (Swe: )


morning = aamu (Swe: morgon)

early noon = aamupäivä (Swe: förmiddag)

noon = keskipäivä (Swe: middag)

afternoon = iltapäivä (Swe: eftermiddag)

evening = ilta (Swe: kväll)

night = (Swe: natt)

midnight = keskiyö (Swe: midnatt)

today = tänään (Swe: Idag)

tomorrow = huomenna (Swe: i morgon)

yesterday = eilen (Swe: igår)

day after tomorrow = ylihuomenna (Swe: övermorgon)

day before yesterday = toissapäivänä (Swe: förrgår)

day = päivä (Swe: dag )

week = viikko (Swe: vecka)

weekend = viikonloppu (Swe: veckoslut)

month = kuukausi (Swe: månad)

year = vuosi (Swe: år)

soon = pian (Swe: snart)

late = myöhä (Swe: sent)

early = aikainen (Swe: tidig)

later = myöhemmin (Swe: senare)


In Finland the dates are marked:

day /mo / year.

For example: 14.1. 2009, i.e. the smallest unit;

the day comes first, then the month, then the year.



PLACE NAMES , GEOGRAPHICAL WORDS, buildings, etc:              *           ENGLISH / FINNISH / SWEDISH


street = katu (Swe: gata)

road = tie (Swe: väg )

house = talo (Swe: hus )

building = rakennus (but often called talo, as in house) (Swe: byggnad / hus)

square/ market = tori (Swe: torg )

city = kaupunki (Swe: stad )

part of town = kaupunginosa (Swe: stadsdel)

neighborhood = naapurusto (Swe: grannskap)

village = kylä (Swe: by)

fortress or castle = linna (Swe: fort / slott) gender

park = puisto (Swe: park)

island = saari (Swe: ö / holme)

bay = lahti (Swe: ö / holme)

peninsula = niemi (Swe: udde)

shore = ranta (Swe: strand)

opposite shore = vastaranta (Swe: motsatt strand)

beach = uimaranta (Swe: simstrand)


mountain = vuori (Swe: berg)

knoll = kukkula (Swe: kulle)

tower = torni (Swe: torn)

Finland = Suomi (Swe: Finland)

Suomen = Finland's (Swe: Finlands)

Fortress of Finland = Suomenlinna (Swe: Sveaborg)

Sweden = Ruotsi (Swe: Sverige)

Stockholm = Tukholma (Swe: Stockholm)

railway station = rautatieasema (Swe: järnvägsstation)

bus station = linja-autoasema / bussiasema (Swe: bussstation)




bus (local) = bussi (Swe: buss)

bus (long distance) = linja-auto (Swe: buss)

tram = raitiovaunu (Swe: spårvagn)

car = auto (Swe: bil)

train = juna (Swe: tåg)

ticket = matkalippu (Swe: biljett)

taxi = taksi (Swe: taksi)

limousine = limusiini (slang: limo) (Swe: limusin)

airplane = lentokone (Swe: flygplan)

When (or: at what time) does the last bus leave? = Milloin (or: mihin aikaan) viimeinen bussi lähtee? (Swe: När (or: vilken tid ) far den sista bussen?

railway station = rautatieasema (Swe:järnvägsstation )

bus station = linja-autoasema / bussiasema (Swe: bussstation)


In Finland the tax is included in the stated price.

price = hinta (Swe: pris)

shop = kauppa (Swe: butik)

clothing store = vaatekauppa (Swe: klädbutik)

Where is ...? = Missä on ... ? (Swe: Var är?)

Where is there a good clothing store? = Missä on hyvä vaatekauppa? (Swe: Var finns / är en bra klädbutik?)

shoe store = kenkäkauppa (Swe: skobutik)

record store = levykauppa (Swe: skivbutik)

department store = tavaratalo (Swe: varuhus)

to buy = ostaa (Swe: köpa)

I will buy this = ostan tämän (Swe: jag köper denhär - dethär)

I'll take this = otan tämän (Swe: jag tar denhär - dethär))

How much? = Kuinka paljon? (Swe: hur mycket?)

How much does this cost? = Kuinka paljon tämä maksaa? (Swe: hur mycket kostar denhär?)



boots = saappaat (Swe: stövlar)

clothes = vaatteet (Swe: kläder / klädesplagg)

coat = takki (Swe: kappa)

gloves = sormikkaat (or hanskat) (Swe: handskar)

hat = hattu (Swe: hatt)

jacket = jakku (Swe: jacka)

jeans = farkut / farmarihousut (Swe: jeans / farmarbyxor)

leather = nahka (Swe: läder)

leather boots = nahkasaappaat (Swe: läderstövlar)

pants = housut (Swe: byxor)

rubber boots = kumpisaappaat (Swe: gummistövlar)

scarf = huivi (Swe: skarf)

shirt = paita (Swe: skjorta)

shoes = kengät (Swe: skor)

skirt = hame (Swe: kjol)

suit = puku (Swe: kostym )

tie = solmio (Swe: slips / kravatt)



aperture = aukko (Swe: bländare/öppning)

automatic focus = automaattitarkennus (Swe: automatisk fokus)

bulb-release = bulb-laukaisu

cable release = kaapelilaukaisin (Swe: fjärrkabel)

camera = kameralaukku (Swe: kameraväska)

camera bag = kameralaukku (Swe: kameraväska)

camera battery = kamerapatteri (Swe: kamerabatteri)

camera battery charger = kameralaturi/kameran laturi (Swe: kameraladdare)

(camera) body = (kameran) runko [Swe: (kamera) hus]

camera case = kameralaukku (Swe: kameraväska)

depth of field = syväterävyysalue (Swe: skärpedjup)

digital camera = digitaalikamera (Swe: digitalkamera)

digital photo manipulation = digitaalinen kuvankäsittely (Swe: digital bildmanipulering /digital fotomanipulation)

DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera = digitaali järjestelmäkamera (Swe: digital systemkamera)


exposure = valotus (Swe: exponering)

exposure time = valotusaika/suljinaika (Swe: slutartid/exponeringstid)

filter = suodin (Swe: filter )

film = filmi (Swe: film)

film speed = valoherkkyys (Swe: filmkänsilghet)

focus = tarkennin (Swe: fokus)

f-stop = f-luku/ polttovälin suhde (Swe: f-värde / f-tal)

focal length = polttoväli (Swe: brännvidd)

full-frame digital SLR = täyskenno digitaali järjestelmäkamera (Swe: )

High dynamic range (HDR) image = HDR-kuva (Swe: HDR-bild)

ISO = ISO-luku (Swe: ISO-tal)

lens = objektiivi (Swe: objektiv)

lens brush = linssipensseli (Swe: linspensel)

lens case = objektiivilaukku (Swe: objektiväska)

lens cleaner fluid= linssinpuhdisneste (Swe: linsrengörningsvätska)

macro lens = makro-objektiivi (Swe: makroobjektiv)

monopod = monopodi / (yksijalka)jalusta (Swe: enbent stativ / monopod)

normal lens = normaaliobjektiivi (Swe: normalobjektiv)

panorama = panoraama (Swe: panorama)

picture = kuva (Swe: bild)

photo manipulation = kuvankäsittely (Swe: bildmanipulering/fotomanipulation)

photograph = valokuva (Swe: fotograf, foto)

rangefinder = etäisyysmittari (Swe: avståndmätare)

RAW-format = RAW-formaatti (Swe:RAW-format)

shutter = suljin (Swe: slutare)

shutter speed = valotusaika/suljinaika (Swe: exponeringstid/slutartid)

SLR (single lens reflex)camera = järjestelmäkamera (Swe: systemkamera)

telephoto lens = teleobjektiivi (Swe: teleobjektiv)

tripod = tripodi / (kolmijalka)jalusta (Swe: trebent stativ / tripod)

wide angle lens = laajakulmaobjektiivi (Swe: vidvinkelobjektiv)

viewfinder = etsin (Swe: sökare)

white balance = valkotasapaino (Swe: vitbalans)

zoom lens = zoom-objektiivi (Swe: zoomobjektiv)



bean goose = metsähanhi (Swe: sädgås)

bird = lintu (Swe: fågel)

brown hare = rusakko (Swe: fälthare)

bull = sonni (Swe: tjur)

calf = vasikka (Swe: kalv)

Canada goose = kanadanhanhi (Swe: kanadagås)

cat = kissa (Swe: katt)

chicken = kana (Swe: höna)

cow = lehmä (Swe: ko)

dog = koira (Swe: hund)

duck = ankka (Swe: anka)

fish = kala (Swe: fisk)

goat = vuohi (Swe: gät)

grey partridge = peltopyy (Swe: rapphöna )

grey seal = halli, harmaahylje (Swe: gråsäl)

greylag goose = merihanhi (Swe: grågås)


heifer = hieho (Swe: kviga)

hare = jänis (Swe: hare)

horse = hevonen (Swe: häst)

lamb = karitsa (Swe: lamm)

ox = härkä (Swe: oxe)

pig = sika (Swe: svin, gris)

rabbit = jänis (Swe: hare)

reindeer = poro (Swe: ren)

seal = hylje (Swe: säl)

sheep = lammas (Swe: får)

steer = nuori härkä (Swe: stut)

swan = joutsen (Swe: svan)

whale = valas (Swe: val)

wolf = susi (Swe: varg)



black = musta (Swe: svart)

white = valkoinen (Swe: vit /vitt)

grey = harmaa (Swe: grå/grått)

red = punainen (Swe: röd/rött)

blue = sininen (Swe: blå/blått)

green = vihreä (Swe: grön/grönt)

yellow = keltainen (Swe: gul/gult)

orange = oranssi (Swe: orange / orange or: orangt,oranget)

brown = ruskea (Swe: brun/brunt)

purple = sinipunainen (or violetti) (Swe: violett)

beige = beige (Swe: beige / beige or: beigt/beiget)

light blue = vaaleansininen (Swe: ljusblå/ljusblått)

pink = vaaleanpunainen, pinkki (Swe: ljusröd/ljusrött)

Swedish has two grammatical genders - male and female. It has no neutral gender. Word endings depend on gender, and are thus important in Swedish.



Officially there are 28 letters in the Finnish alphabet. It is based on the Swedish version of the Latin alphabet.
The Finnish alphabet: A, B, C, D E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, (W), X, Y, Z, Å, Ä, Ö,
The W is an addition, and considered a variant of the letter V.


A = Like the letter U in the word "FUN", or like the sound you make at the doctors office when you are told to say: "Aaaaah!"

B = Like in English.

C = Like the English soft C. (i.e. like C in "Cinderella").

D = Like in English.

E = Like the letter E in the word "EVER".

F = Like in English.

G = Like in English, except; in non-borrowed, "real" Finnish words it excists only in the double consonant "NG". In that context it is pronounced like in the word "KING", for example.

H = Like in the word "HAT"

I = Like in the word "IN".

J = Like the letter Y in the word "YOU".

K = Like the letter C in the word "CAT".

L = Like in English.

M = Like in English.

N = Like in English. (Exeption: look at the letter "G" and the example of double consonant "NG").

O = Like in the word "FOR".

P = Like in English.

Q = Like in English.

R = Much harder than an English "R". (Try to imitate a drill sound with the letter R: just let it roll hard. If you whole jaw and head trembles, you have got it RRRRRight on the money.)

S = Sharper than its English equivalent.

T = Like in English, but a tad softer. Sort of like in the word "TULIP"

U = Like the letter U in the word "FULL".



V = Like in English.

(W) = Like in English. (Occurs only in foreign words, or words with a foreign origin; the s.k. "borrowed" words).

X = Like in English. (Occurs only in foreign words, or words with a foreign origin; the s.k. "borrowed" words).

Y = Very approximately like the first sound in the expression "eeewww, gross!".

Z = Sharper than its English equivalent. (Occurs only in foreign words, or words with a foreign origin; the s.k. "borrowed" words).

Å = This is an O. Like the letter O in the word "TOP". (å is really a Swedish letter, and not used in any original Finnish words).

Ä = Like the letter A in the word "CAT".

Ö = Approximately like the sound of the 2.nd "E" in the word "prefEr".

SWEET WORDS & PHRASES, mostly in romantic context              *           ENGLISH / FINNISH / SWEDISH


Love = Rakkaus

My love = Rakas (My) dear. (depending of context)

You are dear to me = Olet minulle rakas

My (own) love = Oma rakas, oma rakkaani

My love = Rakkaani

My beloved = Rakastettuni

I love you = Rakastan sinua

Heart = Sydän

My heart = sydämeni

You are my heart = Olet sydämeni

Wonderful = Ihana

You are wonderful = Olet ihana

Amazing = Ihmeellinen

You are amazing = Olet ihmeellinen

You are important to me = Olet tärkeä minulle

You are the most important person in the world to me = Olet minulle tärkein ihminen maailmassa

Will you marry me? = Menetkö kanssani naimisiin?

Lets get married! = Mennään naimisiin!

or: Marry me = Nai minut (warning = if you get one letter wrong in the phrase "nai minut", you might be asking the other person for something (depending on your relationship) very inappropriate! :-)



I like you = Pidän sinusta

I like you a lot = Pidän sinusta paljon

You are beautiful = Olet kaunis

You are so beautiful = Olet niin kaunis

You have beautiful eyes = Sinulla on kauniit silmät

You are handsome = Olet komea

Dear, sweetie, my love = Kulta. (literally: kulta = gold)

Affectionate variations of "kulta" = Kulti, kultu .

Delightful = Ihastuttava (or " ilahduttava ", which is closer to delight or joy in general)

You are delightful = Olet ihastuttava

The evening was delightful = Ilta oli ihastuttava

Tender = Hellä

Tender = Herkkä

Tender moment = Herkkä hetki

Sweet = söpö (or makea, sweet tasting).

You are cute = Olet söpö

You are sweet = Olet söpö, olet suloinen

Sweetheart = Sydänkäpyseni, kultaseni (not to be used casually)


Romantic = Romanttinen

A romantic evening = Romanttinen ilta

A romantic dinner = Romanttinen illallinen

Atmospheric = Tunnelmallinen

Sentimental = Tunteikas

I miss you = Minulla on ikävä sinua

I would like to meet you = Haluaisin tavat sinut

I would like to see you again = Haluaisin tavata sinut taas

I would love to see you again = Minusta olisi ihana tavata sinut taas

I would like to go on a date with you = Haluaisin mennä kanssasi treffeille.



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General about Finnish Cuisine and Helsinki Restaurants:

For years, Finland has been one of our top destinations partly because of its excellent and constantly evolving culinary scene, that encompasses not just the Scandinavian way of cooking, but also integrates international flavors and styles.

Every time we travel back to Helsinki, there is something new and exciting going on in the restaurant scene. The culinary know-how and the skill level of many of these chefs is truly impressive and often delights even the most demanding and spoiled patrons.

We live in New York and are spoiled rotten by the abundance of high culinary skills, both in "fancy" and casual restaurants here, but we still find dining in Helsinki restaurants quite enjoyable. And just like everywhere else, of course there are also bad restaurants in Helsinki. But to hear someone bash the culinary skills of all Finnish chefs, based on one or two bad experiences (or based on ignorance), is just plainly silly.

Restaurant Sasso on North Esplanade by the Market Square and South Harbor, Helsinki
Restaurant Sasso on North Esplanade by the Market Square in Helsinki

General about wine pricing in Helsinki Restaurants:
Be aware that Finnish restaurants generally appear to mark-up their wines to a higher degree than comparable American restaurants.

Also good to know: A smoking ban in Finnish restaurants took effect June 1st, 2007.

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